Emmerdale spoilers: Amy snatches Kyle from Joanie's care - Denise Black interview

The actress reveals that she drew on a fraught real-life experience to portray the scenes that are set to air in next week's episodes

Emmerdale spoilers: Amy snatches Kyle from Joanie's care - Denise Black interview
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Actress Denise Black has revealed that she sought inspiration from a real-life experience to depict scenes in which Joanie is left panicked after Amy (Chelsea Halfpenny) snatches Kyle from her care.

In episodes set to air next week, Joanie discovers that Amy is baby Kyle’s true mum when Pollard (Chris Chittell) lets the news slip. But as recriminations fly, Amy makes the drastic decision to take her baby son after spotting him leaving the house alone.

“I drew on a time when I lost my own son,” comments Black. “He was about the same age as Kyle at the time. I was going from a wedding to a reception and my son was running ahead with a bunch of people, all of whom I knew. But what I couldn’t see was that, when they went around a corner, my son kept on running and went beyond them. So when we got to the venue, I couldn’t find him. I literally couldn’t breathe – I felt completely incapacitated.”

But instead of leaping into action, Black admits that she was too shocked to move: “Women are supposed to be fantastic when their children are in danger. But I didn’t look for him. I just held my breath as the police were called. What had happened was that there were two wedding receptions in the same building and my son had gone to the wrong one. He was sitting there eating someone else’s cakes!

“So when I played the scenes in which Kyle goes missing I tried to draw on that extremity of panic I’d experienced. Joanie doesn’t act rationally at all and it’s left to Pollard to keep calm and put two and two together.”

Thankfully, just as Joanie is about to call the police, Amy thinks twice about her rash move and returns with Kyle. But has she now damaged any chance of getting access to her boy?

“Well, that’s one of the interesting things about Joanie,” says the actress. “She’s able to review the situation overnight and give things a second go. And she understands on a basic level that it would be better for Kyle to have some kind of access to his biological family.”

And what of Black herself – a few months on from arriving on screen, does she now feel a part of the Emmerdale family?

“There is a wobbly moment when you step onto the soap conveyor belt and try to keep with the speed of the show. It’s very hard to feel confident at first because you feel like an outsider and a bit of an alien despite everyone doing their utmost to put you at your ease. But now it doesn’t feel overwhelming at all.”

And how does the experience compare to the one she had at Coronation Street, where she played hairdresser Denise Osbourne during the 1990s? “Emmerdale is much more relaxed. I don’t know what Corrie is like now, but back in those days it was high pressure. Here, I’m having a ball!”