Pippa Middleton lands a job at Waitrose

The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge is to share culinary tips with the posh supermarket's customers in a monthly magazine column


Her Royal Hotness – aka Pippa Middleton – is known nationwide for her impeccable presentation, refined taste and, ahem, party tips. So who better than the author of party-planning manual Celebrate to join the ranks of middle-class favourite Waitrose?


And no, we’re not envisaging an apron-clad Pippa brandishing a hairnet in one hand and a chopping board in another in the Windsor branch of Waitrose – that would be madness. Instead, Ms Middleton will channel the format of her recent party planning guide with a new monthly column in the supermarket’s magazine, Waitrose Kitchen.   

Aspiring housewives up and down the country will have the opportunity to glean tips and tricks from the 29-year-old socialite, who will present a monthly smorgasbord of cooking advice and entertaining ideas to the jam-making echelons of the British bourgeoisie.

Speaking of her latest gig, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge revealed the publication was “a magazine that’s always been a source of inspiration to me, for its extensive spectrum of food and beautiful style.” 

She went on to reveal that her column – titled Pippa’s Friday Night Feasts – will be “an exciting opportunity to share my own passion and enthusiasm for food and entertaining. I can’t wait to get started.”

Following the mixed reception to her party planning tome last year, some might treat Pippa’s knowledge with a degree of scorn – but not Waitrose Kitchen editor William Sitwell, who termed her “an excellent contributor to the magazine, bring with her a wealth of experience of entertaining.” 

He went on to claim that: “Readers will love her relaxed and easy entertaining ideas which will help with the preparation for all sorts of occasions.”


Waitrose Kitchen is available in the supermarket’s shops every month and costs £1.20. Time to get party planning, people…