Channel 4 internet TV services to let viewers edit the news

IPTV users will be able to change the length of bulletins and access related content


Viewers with internet-connected televisions could soon be using their remote controls to edit Channel 4 News programmes as they are broadcast.


Channel 4 has unveiled two pilot services, one that allows people to extend or reduce the length of news bulletins and another that will let them pause a live TV stream to bring up associated content.

C4’s commissioning editor of convergent formats, Anna Cronin, said the services would “allow people to choose the level of detail they want on the news”, giving them the ability to “curate” the programme.

She added: “We are [also] looking at a new way of using our archive, which could bring in word articles, imagery and a wealth of material.”


Meanwhile, Channel 4 will also begin trialling apps for smartphones and tablets that will allow viewers of Channel 4 News and investigative strand Dispatches to take part in live polls and access related content during the programmes.