Meet the cast of The Flight Attendant

From Kaley Cuoco to Michelle Gomez – here's everything you need to know about the cast of The Flight Attendant.

The Flight Attendant

While very few of us have boarded a plane in the past year, Sky One’s new drama The Flight Attendant will make you glad you’ve stayed grounded all this time.


Starring The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, this eight-part thriller follows Cassie, an alcoholic air hostess who wakes up in a hotel room after flying to Bangkok to find the dead body of one of her passengers without any memory of the wild night before.

With a stellar cast boasting the likes of Doctor Who‘s Michelle Gomez, Birds of Prey’s Rosie Perez, Girls star Zosia Mamet and  Game of Thrones‘ Michiel Huisman, this darkly comic drama you won’t want to miss.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of The Flight Attendant.

Kaley Cuoco plays Cassie Bowden

Kaley Cuoco

Who is Cassie Bowden? Cassie is a globe-trotting air hostess with a history of binge-drinking and a care-free nature whose life is upended when, after a flight to Bangkok and a wild date night, she wakes up next to a dead man with no memory of the day before.

Where have I seen Kaley Cuoco before? Cuoco is best known for starring in CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory as Penny as well as 2002 sitcom 8 Simple Rules. She currently voices Harley Quinn in the animated series Harley Quinn and is set to star in upcoming action comedy The Man From Toronto.

Michiel Huisman plays Alex Sokolov

Michiel Huisman

Who is Alex Sokolov? Alex is the rich, mysterious business man who Cassie meets on a flight to Bangkok. They go out for drinks once the plane lands – however he’s seemingly murdered over night and visions of Alex begins to torment Cassie inside her head.

Where have I seen Michiel Huisman before? Dutch actor Huisman starred in Game of Thrones as Daario Naharis, The Haunting of Hill House as Steven Crain as well as shows like Nashville, Orphan Black and Treme. He acted opposite Blake Lively in 2015 film The Age of Adaline and starred in Irreplaceable You, World War Z and The Young Victoria.

Zosia Mamet plays Annie Mouradian

Zosia Mamet

Who is Annie? Annie is a high-flying lawyer and Cassie’s best friend. She represents a number of criminally dubious clients.

Where have I seen Zosia Mamet before? Mamet is best known for starring in HBO comedy Girls from 2012 until 2017 and has since appeared in Dickinson, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and films The Boy Downstairs. She also had small roles in Parenthood, Mad Men and United States of Tara.

Rosie Perez plays Megan Briscoe

Rosie Perez

Who is Megan? Megan is Cassie’s colleague who feels insecure about their friendship and longs for a bit of excitement outside of her normal family life.

Where have I seen Rosie Perez before? Oscar-nominated actress Rosie Perez rose to fame in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and has since starred in films like Fearless, Pineapple Express, The Counselor, Birds of Prey and The Last Thing He Wanted. She regularly appeared in sitcom Frasier, comedy Lipstick Jungle and more recently Search Party and High Maintenance.

TR Knight plays Davey Bowden

TR Knight

Who is Davey? Davey is Cassie’s brother, who lives in Denver with his husband and two kids. He has a difficult relationship with his sister, who was their father’s favourite, and is concerned about her drinking.

Where have I seen T.R. Knight before? Knight is best known for playing Dr. George O’Malley on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and has appeared on The Good Wife, The Catch, When We Rise, Will & Grace and The Comey Rule.

Michelle Gomez plays Miranda Croft

Michelle Gomez The Flight Attendant

Who is Miranda Croft? Miranda is a mysterious woman who Cassie remembers from her night out with Alex and tries to track down for answers about his murder.

Where have I seen Michelle Gomez before? Scottish actress Michelle Gomez starred in iconic Channel 4 sitcom Green Wing from 2004 until 2007 and has since played villains in Bad Education and Doctor Who. She’s recently been conquering the US with starring roles in Gotham, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and animated series 101 Dalmatian Street.

Colin Woodell plays Buckley Ware

Colin Woodell

Who is Buckley Ware? Buckley is one of Cassie’s one night stands who wishes to pursuit a relationship with her.

Where have I seen Colin Woodell before? Woodell had a recurring role on The Originals as Aiden L and has appeared on Masters of Sex, Designated Survivor and series The Purge. He starred in films like The Neighbour, Unsane, Unfriended: Dark Web and The Call of the Wild.

Merle Dandridge plays Kim Hammond

Merle Dandridge

Who is Kim Hammond? Kim Hammond is a member of the FBI team looking into Alex Sokolov’s murder.

Where have I seen Merle Dandridge before? Actress and singer Dandridge has starred in numerous Broadway musicals, from Tarzan to Rent, and has appeared on series such as The Newsroom, The Night Shift, Greenleaf, Suits and Sons of Anarchy.

Griffin Matthews plays Shane Evans

Griffin Matthews

Who is Shane Evans? Shane is Cassie’s younger co-worker who loves to party and often teases Cassie about her romantic life.

Where have I seen Griffin Matthews before? Matthews is best known for playing D’Unte in Netflix’s Dear White People and has appeared in Ballers, The Carrie Diaries, Doll & Em and Suburgatory.

Nolan Gerard Funk plays Van White

Nolan Gerard Funk

Who is Van White? Van is a member of the FBI team investigating Alex Sokolov and the cocky partner of Kim.

Where have I seen Nolan Gerard Funk before? Canadian actor Funk has appeared in Glee, Awkward, Arrow and The Catch as well as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Deniz Akdeniz plays Max

The Flight Attendant

Who is Max? Max is a client and romantic interest of Annie’s who she’s reluctant to call her boyfriend.

Where have I seen Deniz Akdeniz? Australian actor Akdeniz starred in 2014’s I, Frankenstein and 2020’s Sightless as well as series like Once Upon a Time, Jane the Virgin, Agents of SHIELD and Siren.

Terry Serpico plays Bill Briscoe

Terry Serpico

Who is Bill Briscoe? Bill is the loving husband of Megan Briscoe.

Where have I seen Terry Serpico before? Serpico has appeared in Cobra Kai, Homeland, Designated Survivor, Star Trek: Discovery and Elementary.

Jason Jones plays Hank Bowden

Jason Jones

Who is Hank Bowden? Hank is Cassie and Davey’s alcoholic father who we see in flashbacks to Cassie’s childhood.

Where have I seen Jason Jones before? Comedian Jason Jones was a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for 10 years and stars in TBS’s The Detour with Samantha Bee.

Bebe Neuwirth plays Diana Carlisle

Bebe Neuwirth

Who is Diana Carlisle? Diana is Annie’s boss at her law firm.


Where have I seen Bebe Neuwirth before? Neuwirth had a recurring role on Cheers and Frasier as as Dr. Lilith Sternin. She has also appeared on Law & Order, Madam Secretary and in the Jumanji films.

The Flight Attendant arrives on Sky One and NOW TV on Friday 19th March. If you have already watched the series, read our breakdown of the The Flight Attendant ending. While you’re waiting visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight, or check out our Drama hub for all the latest news.