The Flight Attendant season 2 is preparing for take-off, and this time it's going to be following its own path away from the original novel.


Speaking to and other press ahead of The Flight Attendant's return, star Kaley Cuoco discussed how the sophomore outing has freshened up one of the show's most distinctive characteristics from season 1.

"We had the book [written by Chris Bohjalian] as a roadmap for season 1, but this year we have our own original ideas," she said.

"I knew that Cassie was going to have this side job [as a civilian asset for the CIA], and I wanted to keep the comedy side alive. I think that's what kept our show so special.

"But what was also very important was the mind palace. That's what made our show different last season and we wanted to keep that for this year, but we were unsure how to do it. We were like, 'Who's she going to meet in there?'

"So we decided that Cassie is going to see [multiple versions of] herself. That was a whole new big storyline and a way for the audience to get inside her mind. It's a great tool."

She added: "We spoke a lot to the team that shot Orphan Black. A lot of those people helped with our process because they had very similar storylines."

Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant
Kaley Cuoco as Cassie. HBO/Sky. Julia Terjung/HBO Max

Speaking about what it was like to play numerous Cassies, Cuoco said: "It was a pretty wild experience. I did not manage it well [laughs].

"I didn’t go anywhere without my earbuds and my music. Each character had different music in my mind. I remember nihilist Cassie was System of a Down, very heavy stuff. And future perfect Cassie was classical. And it would just put me in this mode.

"Each character had such a unique personality and had their own issues, even future perfect Cassie. No one is perfect. We used to laugh that she was the most f**ked up of them all. At least the others are being truthful, right?"

In season 2, Cassie is living in Los Angeles where she splits her time between her AA meetings, her job as a flight attendant and some occasional moonlighting for the CIA.

But her side gig takes a dark turn when she witnesses a murder during an overseas assignment, leaving Cassie in yet another precarious position that threatens to derail her life.

Alongside Cuoco, other returning cast members include Zosia Mamet (Ani), Griffin Matthews (Shane), Deniz Akdeniz (Max), and Rosie Perez (Megan Briscoe), with Sharon Stone and Mae Martin just some of the new faces joining the series.

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