Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse had the most bromantic 200m semi-final ever

Friends for life – or at least until the final


Usain Bolt seems to be having a VERY fun Olympics in Rio this year.


Just days after he was snapped apparently grinning at the cameras as he won the 100m final, the Jamaican athlete has been seen flashing a smile on the track again in the men’s 200m semi-final – but this time, he had a smiling companion.

Yep, Andre de Grasse seemed to be happily sharing the fun with Bolt last night, with the Canadian athlete closing in on his rival to finish just 0.02 seconds behind him and earning a playful finger wag from the world’s fastest man and some joint celebrations after the race was finished.

And naturally, the internet is totally in favour of this new athletic bromance…

If they don’t hold hands in the final, we’ll be incredibly disappointed.


The men’s 200m final will air at on Friday 19th August at 2.30am on BBC One