Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon without a few clangers from the commentary box – and the BBC didn’t disappoint during yesterday’s final.


While Andy Murray delighted fans with his impressive three-set win over Novak Djokovic, Andrew Castle, Boris Becker and Tim Henman were busy in the commentary box offering up these pearls of wisdom...

“He still has to win one more set,” says Andrew Castle at the end of the second set.

“Djokovic is vulnerable right now,” says Boris Becker as Djokovic serves at 0-30 at the start of the third set.

“You can smell the roses,” says Becker after Murray breaks at the start of the third set.

“A double break would be even better,” says Tim Henman with Murray at 2-0 in the third set. “You think?” chimes in Becker.

“The momentum is certainly with Djokovic,” says Henman as Djokovic wins four games in a row to lead 4-2.

“The last thing he wants to do now is start thinking about it,” says Castle with Murray 1-0 up in the third set.

“Momentum is such a funny thing,” ponders Castle.

“Murray’s got to keep going and he’s got to keep motoring and he’s got to keep doing the right things,” enthuses Castle as Murray stands 2-1 in the third set.

“I’m getting nervous,” wobbles Castle. “I’m getting excited,” adds Becker in an almost sinister voice.

“There’s the dimensions of the court and then there’s the dimensions outside the court,” notes Henman.

“Four times you’ve made it to the semis and now you see a British winner here,” Castle subtly notes to Henman.

“One down, three to go,” says Boris as Murray leads 15-0 in the final game.

“He really needs to get his first serve in,” says Henman.

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” enthuses Boris as the camera cuts to Ronnie Wood.


“They’re watching the best Hollywood movie ever,” comments Boris in reference to Hollywood’s Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler in the crowd.