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How much do Wimbledon tennis players get paid?

The Championships have increased the overall prize money for the 7th year in the row, to a whopping £34 million

Published: Thursday, 12th July 2018 at 9:45 am

Wimbledon have increased their overall prize money for the 7th year in the row, to a whopping total of £34 million. The figure is a £2.4 million increase from last year's total of £31.6 million.


The 7.6 per cent increase also ensures that Wimbledon remains one of the most lucrative tennis grand slams in the world.

How much will the Champions of Wimbledon win?

Competitors in the single titles category have the potential to earn the most. Winners of this year's Wimbledon singles titles (men's and women's) will each pocket a record £2.25 million in prize money, while runners up in the singles title will also take home £1.125 million each.

For each stage you earn a significant chunk more. If you get through from the second round to the fourth round you'll take home an extra £100,000, with a jump from £63,000 to £163,000. At the third round there's a cool £100,000 on offer. Quarter-finalists win £281,000, and semi-finalists pocket £562,000.

Winners in the doubles titles will each receive a cheque for £450,000, while the runners up will also win £225,000.

Who is playing at Wimbledon today?

How much do you earn for competing at all?

Even qualifying for a singles title at Wimbledon is lucrative, as competitors who reach the first round of the singles titles know that they're entitled to at least £39,000 each - even if they fall at the first hurdle. There's no prize for the first round of the doubles titles, but there's £11,500 each on offer at the second round.

What about the other titles?

Winners in the Wheelchair event take home £40,000. Competitors must get through to the quarter-finals for the chance of winning any cash - in this case, £8,500.

Mixed Doubles champions get £110,000 for their trouble while the runner's up take home £55,000.

For a full break down of Wimbledon 2018's prize money click here.


Wimbledon 2018 will be as usual screened by the BBC, who are screening the tournament in Ultra HD for the first time. This year’s Championships are held from Monday 2nd July – Sunday 15th July.

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