Six Nations 2015: the day Wales conquered Twitter

What is #cymruambyth and why is it trending?

The Six Nations can do strange things. People turn up to work with daffodils in their buttonholes…. and strange hashtags start trending on Twitter.


Yes, this is the day that Wales conquered Twitter. The digital army gathered and very soon #cymruambyth was trending in the UK.

‘Cymru am byth’ roughly translates as ‘Wales forever’, although it’s not often that this kind of call to arms rises through the Twitter league tables.

The fact that the the hashtag has gone full United Kingdom can only mean one thing: Wales are playing England in the Six Nations.

Kick-off isn’t until 8.05pm, but even early this morning people were getting excited.

Back across the bridge in England, the sleeper cells were ready for the call.

But some worried they had been undercover for too long.

Memories of two years ago, when Wales beat England 30-3, came flooding back.

But there were plenty of England fans ready for the battle ahead.

Even our four-legged friends were getting into the spirit of things.

And nobody could concentrate at work.

A lucky few were clutching these.


For everyone else, set your reminders. 7.30pm BBC1. Kick-off 8.05pm. Game on.