The decathlon is among the most fascinating events to watch at any Olympic Games and Tokyo 2020 is no exception.


The multi-event contest begins this week on the track and field and will pit a stable of elite all-round athletes against one another in the ultimate test of various sporting skillsets.

World-record holder Kevin Mayer will be going for gold this time around after picking up silver in the Rio 2016 decathlon. The Frenchman set the new all-time highest score in a men's decathlon at 9,126 in a 2018 event and could be the man to beat.

US star Ashton Eaton won gold five years ago but has since retired from the sport, clearing the path for Mayer to exert his dominance if he can bring his top form to Japan.

Unlike the modern pentathlon and triathlon, the heptathlon and decathlon are both listed under the Olympics athletics schedule due to their track and field nature. brings you up to speed with everything you need to know about decathlon on the Olympic Games 2020 schedule in Tokyo, taking place in the summer of 2021.

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How many sports are in Olympic decathlon?

There are 10 events in the Olympic decathlon that take into account an athlete's full range of skills, from vaulting to jumping, from sprinting and hurdling to marginally longer tactical running.

Athletes will, of course, boast favourite events and be uneven across the range of 10 sporting contests, and that's exactly what makes the decathlon so exciting.

What events are in Olympic decathlon?

Traditionally, the same events are conducted in decathlons around the world during each of the two days to avoid burning athletes out with one particular area of focus.

For example, the 100m sprint and 110m hurdles are split across the two days to avoid athletes being forced to sprint and run for several events in the same day.

The full list of events in the Olympic decathlon is as follows:

Day 1

  • 100m
  • Long jump
  • Shot put
  • High jump
  • 400m

Day 2

  • 110m hurdles
  • Discus throw
  • Pole vault
  • Javelin
  • 1500m

When is the Olympic decathlon?

The decathlon begins at 1am (UK time) on Wednesday 4th August 2021 and will wrap up on Thursday 5th August 2021.

We've got the full schedule below:

Wednesday 4th August 2021

  • From 1am – 100m
  • From 1:55am – Long jump
  • From 3:40am – Shot put
  • From 10:30am – High jump
  • From 1:30pm – 400m

Thursday 5th August 2021

  • From 1am – 110m hurdles
  • From 1:50am – Discus throw
  • From 4:45am – Pole vault
  • From 11:15am – Javelin throw
  • From 1:40pm – 1500m

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