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World Cup viewers can't get enough of Switzerland’s giant wheel of cheese celebrations

Audiences at home were left confused after swiss fans celebrated a last-minute win by throwing cheese towards the pitch

Published: Saturday, 23rd June 2018 at 11:52 am

Serbia versus Switzerland: a well-fought World Cup clash, complete with a controversial penalty decision, a 90th-minute winner and the most passionate goal celebrations so far. Oh, and an entire wheel of cheese.


After Switzerland secured a 2-1 victory in the final minute of the game, a fan marked the occasion by throwing a giant lump of (hopefully Swiss) cheese towards the pitch.

And viewers at home couldn't believe it...

Was it an inflatable cheese? Had that fan brought it specifically to throw at the last minute? Do they have another one to bring to their next match? How dangerous is it to throw?

So many questions, so few answers.


If, like us, you’re now heavily invested in this cheese wheel celebration, you can look out for it during Switzerland’s next game against Costa Rica (7pm Wednesday, ITV).

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