It's happened: England are into the World Cup 2018 semi-finals after a comfortable 2-0 victory over Sweden.


It's a win that poses some important questions: who will England face in the next round? When will their matches be on TV – and which channel will it be on?

Well, here’s some good news for everyone working 9-5: no matter the scenario, all of England’s knockout matches will take place either on a weekend or at 7pm on a weekday.

Here are all the details you need...

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Who will England play in the World Cup semi-finals?

After their triumph over Sweden in the quarters, England will head into a semi-final with Croatia.

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England will play Croatia at 7pm on Wednesday 11th July

The match will air on ITV, live from Luzhniki.

Who could England play in the World Cup final?

This game, if England get through, will see them play France after their 1-0 win over Belgium.

The final will be held at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow at 4pm BST on Sunday 15th July, with the game airing both on ITV and BBC1.

What happens to England if they lose against Croatia?

They’ll still play one more game in Russia: the third-place play-off. It’s here they’ll battle Belgium for the tournament’s bronze prize.

The third-place play-off will be held in St Petersburg at 3pm BST on Saturday, July 14 on ITV

When is the World Cup third-place play-off on TV?

The losers of both semi-final games will face off on Saturday 14th July, 3pm at St Petersburg. The match will air on ITV.


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