Soccer Aid welcomes the world’s fastest man and Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt who tells Radio Times how he watches sport and Peaky Blinders – alone


You’re at home in Jamaica – what can you see from the sofa?

My living room sofa faces a large TV – to the left is my trophy room, to the right you can see my garden.

I bet you’ve got a sizeable sofa…

I would call it a huge lounger. It is a “U” shape and fits around eight to ten people. I often get a lot of friends coming round to hang out. I like chilling by myself but also with friends.

Where do you keep all your awards and medals?

My medals are in a bank in Jamaica.

Is there a show you never miss?

I only really watch live TV for sport. Otherwise it’s box sets or movies – I just finished Peaky Blinders.

What makes you laugh?

I love comedy. I watch a lot of the comedian Kevin Hart and The Big Bang Theory.

Are you easily distracted when watching TV?

No, my agent and manager often ask me things when I’m watching TV and I say yes. Then later I don’t ever remember having spoken to them, because I was focused on the TV!

Did your parents discipline you as a child? I imagine it was difficult because you could just run away…

My parents were very strict growing up, especially my dad. He has typical Jamaican family values, I didn’t mess with him. My mum was the softie, so they were a good balance.

You’re taking part in Soccer Aid for Unicef this year – why did you want to get involved?

Easy. I love football. I love competing in front of a big crowd. But most of all I love the fact that this game will make a real difference to thousands of children around the world. I’m the captain of the World XI team and I will be motivating my team to win.

How do you think playing on a team will be different from all of your racing experience?

I know I have the speed and am working on my skills and tactics. We will take it seriously but it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m told Gordon Ramsay can get stuck in so I’m sure it will be a great game.

Is there anyone you’ll be looking out for on the pitch?

Sir Mo Farah. We have known each other for many years. I don’t know how good he is on the ball but I know he will be able to run all day… and night… and day.

How many pairs of trainers do you have?

I have had thousands! I have been sponsored by Puma since I was 15. I tend to give them away when I don’t use them any more and am fortunate to get new ones every time a new model comes out.

Are you slow or fast on the dancefloor?

I love to dance and anyone who knows me or has followed me will have seen me dance a lot. Dancing and music are a big part of Jamaican culture.

Do you have any bad domestic habits?

I tend to stay up very late at night and sleep late in the day, but I live by myself, so I think I am great to live with!


Soccer Aid is on Sunday 10th June at 6.30pm on ITV

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