The crowd went wild when an England fan scored – with a paper plane



England may have qualified for next year’s football World Cup with their 1-0 victory over Slovenia on Thursday night, but it wasn’t the most exciting game for fans. In fact, after a snooze-worthy first half at Wembley, many entertained themselves by making paper aeroplanes.


And then it happened. One plane took off from the stands and flew across the pitch, swerved towards Joe Hart’s goalposts and, with a last-second dip, crossed the line. The fans went wild.

[Prepare to avert your eyes: there’s an actual swear word in the Tweet below]

Back of the net! Let’s re-play that from another angle…

The beautiful game indeed.

But spare a thought for Michael Keane, who was being substituted on for Raheem Sterling at the time. To him, it would initially have looked if the crowd was celebrating his arrival.

But still, after a 94th-minute goal from Harry Kane (with a ball, not a plane), England are on their way to the World Cup finals in Russia next year. That’s something to celebrate, right?


Maybe not then.