The Europa League is ready to inject a little extra drama into your summer with teams back in the hunt for continental glory.


As well as a major European trophy to their name, clubs are battling it out for a hefty slice of cash. Though not as sizeable as Champions League prize money amounts on offer, there's still plenty of incentive to perform.

Clubs have already accumulated prize money throughout the rounds so far, and the figures only increase with each triumph in the tournament.

A host of British clubs – Man Utd, Wolves and Rangers – remain focused on their objectives, and know that every win from now on could significantly boost their finances in a tough set of circumstances for clubs around the world.

Europa League fixtures will strike thick and fast in August, but who will make the most of the restart.

More like this rounds up how much every team can earn based on performance in the 2019/20 Europa League.

Europa League prize money 2019/20

Prize money accumulates as the rounds progress

  • Reaching the group stages: £2.3m
  • Reaching the round of 32: £0.4m
  • Reaching the round of 16: £0.9m
  • Reaching the quarter-finals: £1.2m
  • Reaching the semi-finals: £2m
  • Reaching the final: £3.7m
  • Winning the final: £3.3m
  • Total for winning Europa League: £13.8m


  • £0.5m per group stage win
  • £0.2m per group stage draw
  • £0.8m for group stage winners
  • £0.4m for group stage runners up

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