From superlative splashes of Andy Murray being a champion to other superlative splashes of Andy Murray being a champion, what today's front pages lack in range they more tan make up for in patriotic fervour. Here's a round-up of the best ones.


The Sun

"And Of Hope And Glory"

The usually pun-tastic Sun goes for a slightly dodgy headline today implying that we now live in the "And' of hope and glory.

It's a suitably grandiose splash, however, that does manage to sum up the feelings of a nation. After all, as they point out, it has been "77 years, 15 PMs, 3 monarchs" since a British man won Wimbledon.

Also, on top of all of that: what about those holidays for £9.50, aye?

The Guardian


The Guardian's cover shows that less is most certainly more with this simple, but powerful, treatment of a full-page of picture of Murray kissing the trophy and the rather matter-fo-fact headline: "Champion."

By devoting the whole page to Murray - single picture splashes are rare for the paper - it really does give the whole thing a sense of history and occasion.

This is the sort of front page that screams "I know you're not a Sun reader, but stick this on your window or something."

The Times

"The History Boy"

With their wrap-around cover, The Times is just showing off. This stunning shot of the crowd at Wimbledon mobbing Murray after his win really does manage to sum up the feeling of the win in a way no other cover has. Just look at all those adoring faces...

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On the back is also a historic quote from tennis legend Fred Perry: " I didn't aspire to be a great sport; champion was good enough for me."

The Mirror

"History In His Hands"

Well, here's a pretty solid tabloid front page with a focus not only on the history of the event but - with its choice of picture - the celebratory joy of Murray. A nice choice give that the guy is always depicted as being such a sour-puss.

Also, just in case you were in any doubt of whether Andy Murray had a rather attractive girlfriend, there's also a picture of the woman herself.

The Independent


While very similar to the Guardian's front page, The Independent's picture-led splash doesn't seem as effective at capturing the excitement of the day. It just seems a bit... limp.

Nonetheless, it does feature a rather nice picture of Andy Murray holding a trophy and use of the word "champion."

The Daily Mail

"Now it'll be arise, Sir Andy!"

The Daily Mail continues its mission to sound like an over-excited Hyacinth Bucket by insisting that Andy Murray is now in line for a knighthood.

While very likely, this is, obviously, more wishful thinking than a fact.

Then again, it is backed up by the promise of a "glorious" victory poster, so who cares?

Daily Express

"Magical Murray"

The Daily Express goes in the unusual direction of claiming that Andy Murray is, in fact, a wizard.

If, of course, he is found to have won Wimbledon by "magical" means then this could lead to all sorts of questions being asked.

Daily Star

"Andy's Knight On The Lash"

Last and most certainly least is the Daily Star's splash that, after his win, Andy Murray had a beer. It also contains a claim - like the Mail - that fans are calling for Murray to be given a knighthood.


The half-naked women also on the front page don't appear to have anything to do with tennis.