Wimbledon is underway and while there's plenty of action on the court - namely Andy Murray returning to defend his men's singles title - it's the crowd I've turned my attention to.


I know, two days in and I'm distracted.

But a plethora of famous faces flock to the grassy courts over the summer. I can't help but take a peek. They're off duty, and well, being normal.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman even turned up today. But it's these fans I'd like to see return to the famous courts...

The royals

Namely the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Because they even join in the Mexican wave.

Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper

Mainly because they were caught on TV taking a selfie in the crowd. And because we all enjoyed the thought that they'd text each other and confirmed they'd both be wearing blue suits.

The Prime Minister

David Cameron getting this excited and not giving a damn whose view he's blocking.

The Beckhams

Because David looks like he's been allowed to eat sweets before dinner

... And because Victoria Beckham does have a good time. Honest.

Tom Hiddleston

Because even a day at Wimbledon sparks a Loki-themed meme

Cliff Richard

A choice I'll credit to my colleague (and Cliff superfan) Susanna Lazarus, because a courtside singsong with Cliff is the bee's knees... apparently