Andy Murray on watching Sherlock off court: “Benedict Cumberbatch is SO good”

The tennis champ says he devours box sets on flights and would rather watch Sherlock than America’s Elementary

Away from tennis balls and ice baths, Andy Murray is just like the rest of us – he loves a good DVD box set. Not just any box set either, it turns out he’s a Sherlock fan.


“On flights, I go through box sets. Sherlock – that’s the best series I’ve seen for a while. Benedict Cumberbatch is SO good,” says Murray, cover star of the new issue of Radio Times magazine.

Murray says he’s even given US Holmes update Elementary a go, but that it’s “just not the same” – “for me, Sherlock Holmes is Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s unbelievable…”

Murray says he also likes playing sports on games consoles because he spends so much time in hotel rooms. Plus, when he can (and he isn’t injured), he occasionally enjoys go-karting, golf and football, too.

He certainly isn’t one for sitting in his room watching replays of his matches. Talking about his Wimbledon final loss to Roger Federer last year, he says, “I haven’t watched any of it. It would be a tough one for me.

“Some players like watching their matches, some don’t. The guys I work with watch a lot of my matches and see the things I need to work on.”

So is the Olympic gold medalist ready for the Wimbledon challenge?

“There’s a lot riding on Wimbledon, but I’m better equipped to deal with the pressures and understand how I need to play matches when I get to the latter stages of the big events.”


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