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12 times the Wimbledon Roof was totally awesome on Twitter

“Open when it’s raining, closed when it’s sunny - the source of discussion whatever the weather…”

Published: Monday, 23rd June 2014 at 10:17 am

Wimbledon 2014 kicks off today and – thanks to the unreliable nature of the Great British summer – that means the retractable roof on Centre Court will be back in business.


In fact, since its installation in 2009, the roof has kept many matches going through the rain and the dark.

However, the roof isn't just active on court. Oh, no. The Wimbledon Roof is busy on social media too, running its very own @WimbledonRoof Twitter account.

How interesting can a roof be, you may wonder? Well, it has more than 9,000 followers. And, in between goading its foreign roof rivals, it enjoys stirring things up between reigning champ Andy Murray and Wimbledon hotshot Roger Federer…

When Andy Murray started a Q&A on Twitter, the Wimbledon Roof used it as an opportunity to ask the champ the blunt question…

The real Andy Murray actually replied

But it's OK, the roof had already found itself a fan in Swiss legend Roger Federer

Who is all about the roof praise

Which turned the roof a bit threatening and evil as he went all #fedroof on Murray

The roof is actually quite smug

Because when Wimbledon is on, it’s always ready

Even if it gets a bit fed up now and again

Especially when its rivals are not up to scratch

The Wimbledon Roof would be willing to travel and knows what a trip on the Eurostar really means


The roof loves a hash tag


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