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Toadie to reunite with Real Dee after Sonya's death in Neighbours?

Grieving Toadie could be back with the OTHER love of his life…

Published: Tuesday, 26th February 2019 at 12:00 am

Neighbours' Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) is devastated when wife Sonya Rebecchi (Eve Morey) dies in his arms on Tuesday 5 March as she succumbs to her terminal cancer diagnosis, marking the end of one of the show's most popular partnerships.


But as he mourns his massive loss, shared by all of Ramsay Street as they react with shock and sadness to the news, the next chapter of the Fake Dee saga is set to complicate Toadie's life even more with speculation rife the 'real' Dee Bliss is about to make a return.

Just before she dies, Sonya confides in brother-in-law Shane Rebecchi what Dee doppleganger Andrea Somers told her during their showdown over baby Hugo's custody - the fragile blonde claimed she had an encounter with a man in Tasmania who mistook her for someone else, a woman who looks just like her… Could this mean the real Dee is still alive?


It's never been confirmed who Madeleine West was actually playing in a random scene between stints as Andrea back in 2017 showing her sitting on a park bench, wistfully telling a male friend she was thinking about "old times" - was it Andrea, on the run pregnant at the time, or Dee herself? Did she get washed up after plunging into the sea on her and Toadie's wedding day in 2003? West is back on set soon, so could Dee be the one to comfort Toadie in his hour of need and turn out to be his actual soul mate?

"Dee is that first love you hold the candle up to," Moloney tells, "but when you look back or revisit it you realise it wasn't as good as you remember! Toadie had a longer relationship with Sonya and went through way more with her. He loved Dee and she was a significant part of his life, but if she has been alive all this time why has she never contacted him? Would there still be a connection? Are there old feelings still there or would there be resentment?


"Madeleine is back filming with us soon, but I don't know if it's as Andrea or Dee! I honestly have no idea what's in store down the line."

How do the cast feel about Sonya being killed off?

With regard to Sonya's tearjerking exit, Moloney admits to being surprised at the decision for show bosses to axe his on-screen wife after almost 10 years. "It was a huge shock to be honest, I thought Toadie and Sonya were the next Karl and Susan. It was incredibly upsetting and sad, but it's one of those things, you don't really have a choice. Eve was upset and wanted to stay but in a way filming the death scene made it easy to draw emotions out as we knew it was the end of our working relationship."

The actor agrees it was darker territory for Neighbours, acknowledging fans utter despair at seeing their favourite couple crumble, but praises the decision to play the cancer story as truthfully as possible. "I wanted it to be uncomfortable. If anyone who has been through this for real believes it has been portrayed well, then we've done our job. Believing your partner is dying, dealing with the kids, the anger and resentment when the treatment doesn't work - it was difficult to act but this is the horrible ride people go through on a daily basis."


As for Morey, who is philosophical about her exit, she is as intrigued as the rest of us about the future of Dee/Andrea, and will be keeping a close eye on the plot from afar… "I think I need a bit of distance," she laughs, "but I'm doing some drama coaching at Neighbours now so I'm reading the upcoming storylines - when I see what's going on with Toadie I have a wig out!

"I said to Ryan: 'you know what, if I'm dead you might as well be with her - I'm out of here!' I am interested in the idea of seeing the real Dee, the nice character everyone talks about not evil Andrea! If they do bring her back who is she, 14 years later? She better look after Sonya's kids, though!"

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