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Dying Sonya confronts Fake Dee - Eve Morey on Neighbours showdown

Will Andrea finally reveal the secret of the Salamanca Markets?

Published: Tuesday, 5th February 2019 at 11:40 am

Neighbours' Sonya Rebecchi (Eve Morey) has enough to contend with as she copes with a terminal cancer diagnosis, but that doesn't stop her taking decisive action next week when she decides to visit Andrea Somers (Madeleine West) in hospital to demand she drop the custody case for baby Hugo.


Concerned her health issues could harm their chances of keeping hold of the child husband Toadie fathered with deceitful Andrea - who posed as his dead wife Dee Bliss as part of an elaborate financial con - brave Son bites the bullet on Monday 11 February and secretly slips off to Tasmania to visit the troubled blonde in the psychiatric ward where she's been held since abandoning her boy.

"Andrea's attempt to fight for custody of Hugo is causing stress," reveals Morey. "Sonya has had enough and goes to sort things in person, hoping to appeal to her as another mother to do what is right for the child. It's not even about a jealousy of Toadie any more, this is now about putting Hugo first."

Reckoning she has nothing to lose at this point, on Tuesday 12 February Sonya stuns Andrea with her honesty as she reveals she is dying of cancer and tells her to sign over full custody of their son to Jarrod. When she later returns to Erinsborough victorious, Toadie is shocked to hear what his wife did behind his back but relieved her big risk paid off. But discussing who brings up Hugo is not the only topic of conversation between the women…


Will Sonya die before the Fake Dee secret is revealed?

"Andrea signs the papers, which is amazing, but she says something to Sonya before she goes and gives her a bit of info. Sonya is not sure if Andrea is telling the truth but basically she has bigger fish to fry and decides to shelve it for the moment. I'm sure whatever Andrea says will cause a whole world of pain for Jarrod later down the line…"

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Sonya also elects to go public about her illness to the community after seeing Andrea, but there is a definite sense she has been shaken by seeing her love rival - so what exactly was said in that ward?

Fans will no doubt be speculating this is linked to the last clue in the audacious 'Fake Dee' mystery from December, when Andrea's twisted mum Alice alluded to a huge secret that could turn the blockbuster storyline on its head. "Remember the person you told me about at the Salamanca Markets?" asked Alice, "When the time is right, you tell Toadie. Because that could change everything…”


Does Andrea tell Sonya what happened at the Tasmanian tourist attraction, and why it's such a game-changer? And with the clock ticking will Sonya confess all before her inevitable tragic deaths, set to air in the coming weeks?

"I think all the pieces of the puzzle will start coming together," teases Morey. "It's the storyline that keeps on giving - while I rest in peace!"


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