Simon Barlow DIES in Coronation Street fire horror?

Peter's pride and joy goes up in flames next week


Coronation Street has teased explosive scenes next week when the boat owned by Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) catches fire, with his son Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) trapped inside.


In the lead-up to the spectacular stunt, teased in last month’s New Year preview trailer, Peter clashes with his teenage offspring over the prospect of Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) joining him on his proposed trip around the Caribbean aboard his vessel, Lost Buoy, given to him as a gift by ex-girlfriend Carla Connor (Alison King).

Simon is miffed when he thinks his philandering dad has asked his new squeeze to go sailing with him and an argument erupts between father and son in Roy’s Rolls.

But Peter puts Si’s mind at rest and insists Abi means nothing to him – which will surely be news to the single mum mechanic who had pinned her hopes of sailing off into the sunset with Peter since the pair have been getting steamy below deck since starting a whirlwind romance!


Does Abi start the fire as revenge for Peter dumping her?

Seb Franklin overhears Peter putting his mum down and reports back to Abi that the Barlow bad boy doesn’t see her as a long-term prospect, pushing the rejected ex-con to hit the bottle and lash out at love rival Carla for stringing her former husband along and getting in the way of their burgeoning relationship.

Later, the Lost Buoy mysteriously catches fire and a shocked crowd gathers to witness the horrifying sight, but Peter’s devastation at his dream of a fresh start going up in flames exacerbates when he realises Simon is missing – and is told his son is trapped on the burning boat!

Is Corrie set to kill off schoolboy Si in the first big soap stunt of 2019? And how does the fire start – was it a deliberate arson attack by someone with a grudge against Peter? A blonde woman scorned, perhaps…?


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