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Shona stabs Clayton in Coronation Street knifing horror

The Weatherfield siege ended in blood being spilled

Published: Monday, 4th March 2019 at 8:55 pm

The Coronation Street siege that saw Clayton take his mum Shona hostage following a prison break has ended in bloodshed. Monday's double bill of the ITV soap saw viewers initially led to believe that Shona had suffered a stab wound as David feared that his partner would die from the same injuries sustained by his late wife Kylie. But in a shock twist, it was soon revealed that the blood on Shona's shirt actually belonged to Clayton, who had been knifed by his mum during a tense showdown.


Paramedics were then seen rushing Clayton to A&E as Shona worried that she could have killed him. As she broke down, Shona admitted to David that her son was responsible for the death of his dad Dane, who'd lost his life after his attempt to be a drugs mule for Clayton went tragically wrong. Shona then said that, regardless of whether Clayton lived or died, he was now dead to her.

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In the end, doctors appeared to have stabilise Clayton despite a perforated bowel, while Shona returned home to Number Eight for a tearful reunion with both Max and Lily. As David came to terms with the realisation that his life could have been marred by tragedy for a second time, he told Nick that he was now going to ask Shona to marry him. But viewers will now have to wait until Wednesday to discover what answer he gets.

Speaking about the filming of this evening's drama, Julia Goulding told "It was really exciting. We were freezing, though. It was just as the cold snap hit, so that leant itself to the discomfort and the darkness of the scenes, which I thought was really cool. It was a joy to do, even though I could barely feel my toes on one of the filming days. But that's the fun stuff - that's why I do this job."


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