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Roy JAILED for starting boat fire in Coronation Street?

Carla confesses and Roy hands himself in as the truth emerges

Published: Friday, 22nd February 2019 at 8:25 pm

Coronation Street's Roy Cropper (David Neilson) is reeling from Carla Connor's (Alison King) confession that he was responsible for Peter Barlow's (Chris Gascoyne) boat fire by knocking a lamp over while sleepwalking, and she's been covering for him letting innocent Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) take the blame.


Far from being grateful to the factory boss the morally-upstanding, incorruptible cafe worker admitted all to Peter and handed himself into the police - could Ray be facing serious legal consequences for his accidental crime?

Friday 22 February's hour-long edition of Corrie saw the net close in for Carla as Kirk Sutherland found a stash of Royston's discarded clothes hidden in the Underworld recycling and returned them to a confused Mr Cropper, who thought his garments had been chucked out by mistake.

Wondering why they smelt of paraffin, and suspicious at Carla's twitchiness every time the missing items were mentioned, Roy confronted her about what she was hiding and she was forced to reveal CCTV footage exposed him as the fire starter on Lost Buoy last week but she'd destroyed the evidence to protect him.


Roy was stunned he'd caused the carnage and almost killed young Simon Barlow, and accused Carla of breaking the law and deliberately pinning it on Abi out of jealous spite. Demanding they tell Peter together, the bemused Barlow levelled the same claim at his ex but agreed not to get the police involved for Roy's sake - as long as Carla apologised to Abi, still prime suspect in the eyes of the law. But how can she do that without implicating Roy?

Will Roy and Carla both go to prison?

Storming off and secretly heading to the police station, Roy returned later and told Carla he had made a statement to the boys in blue admitting the truth that he started the blaze. Mr Cropper's conscience may be clear but Carla was exasperated believing he'd made the situation worse after all her efforts to put the cops off the scent, which he then suggested was more to do with framing Abi as she subconsciously wants Peter back…

A blazing row ended with Roy telling Carla he was bitterly disappointed in her actions, and would rather she hadn't bothered trying to protect him. Next week, Carla feels the pressure to apologise to Abi, and Roy wants her to move out - is this the end of one of Weatherfield's sweetest, most enduring friendships?

Coronation Street, Roy Cropper, Carla Connor

Roy certainly touched a nerve as Carla couldn't quite deny there was a part of her that was still in love with Peter. Could this whole, messy business push the star-crossed lovers back together, or further apart then ever? Will Abi want revenge? Is Carla facing trouble for perverting the course of justice? And what price will Roy pay for his honesty - a prison sentence?


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