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Clayton escapes from prison and takes his mum Shona hostage in Coronation Street!

Is David about to lose another love-of-his-life?

Coronation Street, Clayton Hibbs, Shona Ramsey
Published: Tuesday, 26th February 2019 at 7:50 am

It's been over two years since David Platt's (played by Jack P Shepherd) wife Kylie was fatally stabbed by drug dealer Clayton Hibbs (Callum Harrison) in Coronation Street.


But it looks like horrible history could repeat itself on the ITV soap, when Clayton escapes from prison and, armed with a knife, takes his mum and David's current girlfriend Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) hostage...

The trouble begins on Monday 25 February when Shona comes face-to-face with her son Clayton again at his drug dealing dad Dane's funeral.

Clayton is under police escort. But little does anyone realise, Clayton and his brother Macca have a secret plan to attack the prison guards and set Clayton free...

Coronation Street, Clayton Hibbs
Shock attack! Clayton does a runner from his dad Dane's funeral. (Picture: ITV)

Jack P Shepherd, who plays David, reveals more...

What are David’s first thoughts when he hears Clayton has escaped from the funeral?
"Shock, all the Platts are suggesting that Shona’s had something to do with Clayton’s escape but David won’t hear of it and when she says she hasn’t had anything to do with it he believes her. But David’s scared for his family and he decides he’s not taking any chances, Clayton knows where they live so he decides to get the kids and go to Nick’s. Shona’s worried about Clayton but David loses it, he can’t believe she’s more worried about her son on the run than the family she has now."

Does it bring it all back for David, what Clayton did to his family and Kylie’s death?
"Yes definitely, any sort of mention of Clayton’s name takes him back there and makes David remember what he took away from him. Now he’s on the run David thinks he could do it again."

So how does David react when he discovers that Shona was contemplating supplying Clayton with drugs in prison and that someone broke into their house?
"He’s not happy that she brought all this to their door and he starts to wonder if they can carry on, if they can still be together. He starts to think maybe she isn’t the person he thought she was and maybe there isn’t a future for them if she’s always going to side with Clayton."

When the police later arrive to tell David that Shona has been taken hostage by Clayton does it change this?
"Yes, straight away he puts their argument aside and realises how strongly he feels for her. Clayton has her held hostage and he believes and knows that Clayton is capable of killing. He rushes to Shona’s aid, where the police have this derelict building surrounded. David’s terrified, he fears that history is repeating itself."

Coronation Street, David Platt
David fears for Shona's life when she's held hostage by cunning Clayton. (Picture: ITV)
Coronation Street, Clayton Hibbs, Shona Ramsey
Clayton demands £10k and a getaway car... or Shona dies! (Picture: ITV)

Have you enjoyed playing this storyline and the links to David’s past history with Kylie?
"Yeah it’s good when Corrie delves back into the history of the show and draws on something that I think is still fresh in the audience’s minds. The fact that David’s now girlfriend is the mother of the man who murdered his wife makes it easy to touch back on, find the emotion, and see how both characters are still affected by what happened. David’s always living on a knife edge where he’s doing ok but any mention of Clayton can tip the balance."


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