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Neighbours confirms Naomi Canning's future on the show

Is she sticking around for good?

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Published: Sunday, 21st June 2020 at 7:00 am

Naomi Canning's comeback to Neighbours has been a big hit with fans, and caused a frisson of scandal on Ramsay Street as the minx found herself in a saucy love triangle with old flame Pierce Greyson and new wife Chloe.


As the trio prepare for a possible threesome in order to put the sexual tension to rest once and for all, the soap's producer has exclusively addressed Naomi's future on the show with

Morgana O'Reilly recently reprised the role five years after she quit, having made her first appearance as Sheila's dynamic daughter in 2014.

Discussing her comeback, show boss Jason Herbison said: "Sadly, Naomi is only back for a guest appearance at this stage. I would love to see more of her and have thrown myself at the altar of Morgana to make it happen!

"However, since she is based in New Zealand with her young family, a little Naomi is going to have to go a long way for now."

While Ms Canning will soon be leaving Erinsborough again, the impact on the Greysons' relationship will continue to be felt.

Neighbours' Naomi and Chloe

"While Pierce and Chloe love each other, they also rushed into their marriage," teases Herbison. "The situation with Naomi means they are dealing with the consequences of that now."

Will a three-way prove too much for Pierce, who's partying days are behind him? Does it highlight the differences between him and Chloe, who's fluid sexuality gives her a much broader, liberated view of relationships?

And what about that pesky age gap between them, that's already caused problems as Pierce's teenage son Hendrix was attracted to his step-mum who he is much closer in age to than his father!

As Naomi departs the Canning house welcomes another member of the clan, with Sheila's grandson Levi set to become a new regular. Hunky Levi is a copper, but comes with a dark secret about the Canning family that his granny would rather keep under wraps… Does it have anything to do with naughty Auntie Naomi?


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