Get ready for soap's next big whodunnit as Hollyoaks' Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) is gunned down by a mystery assailant and the search begins for the person who pulled the trigger – a pretty tricky task for the police seeing as the toxic landlady has got on the wrong side of so many people.


On Tuesday 5th November (E4), months of the minxy McQueen's bad behaviour is exposed: cheating on husband Sylver McQueen, being responsible for the accident that paralysed Grace Black, plus evidence putting her in the frame for killing Harry Thompson (actually killed by local serial murderer Breda McQueen) means many of the locals are out for blood.

But mean Mercy is contrite and goes on the defensive, publicly laying into the locals during an epic takedown in the Dog – before breaking into the empty Loft club where she spirals into a booze and drug-fuelled haze before being shot down. hears from the seven suspects (Mercy's cousin Goldie McQueen will be playing detective, but is not a potential culprit), all with understandable motives. Place your bets…

The betrayed husband: Sylver McQueen (David Tag)

hollyoaks sylver

"There's a few things Mercedes has done that could make Sylver mad, and we know he's got a bad temper. She's been having an affair with Liam behind his back, aborted a baby that could potentially have been his, and unknowingly left Grace for dead. His and Mercedes' marriage has been a proper roller coaster and been under a lot of strain, he helped her through drug addiction but she was with Liam and they lost custody of her nephew Max as a result of her issues."

The murdering mother-in-law: Breda McQueen (Moya Brady)

hollyoaks breda

"Breda loves going round killing men that deserve it, and I love playing her! I think it's the role I was born to play. It's hard work but I enjoy it, especially how they write for the character, it's all fun and agony! Could she have shot Mercedes for what she did to Sylver? The public are already fuming with me for what she's done so far, but that's part of the fun. All I'll say about what's coming up with this storyline is it will make Tarantino look like the Magic Roundabout!"

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The spurned lover: Liam Donovan (Jude Monk McGowan)

hollyoaks liam

"Liam's relationship with Mercedes has been incredibly toxic and destructive for them and their families. He's been at her beck and call for months and seemingly decided it's all over, but she's done this before and might have pushed him too far this time. Plus she's aborted a baby that could've been his – or Sylver's – so in Liam's mind, shooting her would remove him of a problem…"

The injured enemy: Grace Black (Tamara Wall)

hollyoaks grace

"Grace has just found out it was Mercedes who ran her over and put her in a wheelchair so she wants revenge. Mercedes and Liam framed Harry because they were driving his stolen car. She's the reason behind Grace's traumatic year, she's been at rock bottom not knowing if she'll ever walk again – which has actually been great to film because I've had really short make-up calls!"

The vengeful lawyer: James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan)

hollyoaks james

"James blames Mercedes for pretty much everything bad that has happened to him. He discovers Mercedes framed Harry for the hit and run and believes she silenced him by killing him, in order to make sure the true story doesn't come out and her freedom is preserved. Finding this out is incredibly tumultuous for James and he really hits rock bottom. He is hellbent on revenge – or is he?"

The grieving stepmum: Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher)

hollyoaks diane

"Diane's husband Tony went missing because he was trying to find Harry, who Mercedes framed for running over Grace, and now he's completely disappeared. Nobody wanted to go to Harry's funeral because they thought he was such a bad person, when in fact that's not the case at all. So Diane holds Mercedes responsible for the mess her life is in at the moment. That's a good motive!"

The priest who knows too much: Joel Dexter (Rory-Douglas Speed)

hollyoaks joel

"A few weeks ago Joel found Mercedes' recorded confession she ran over Grace in which she also threatened Harry, so he thinks she killed him. Liam beat up Joel to keep him quiet and threatened his girlfriend Goldie. During her big monologue in the pub, Mercedes lays into him and calls him out on his past mistakes in front of everyone, he's embarrassed as he's trying not to be a bad guy any more. But at the end of the day he is Warren Fox's son – Bad Joel is making a reappearance and he thinks this girl deserves what she gets…"


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