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6 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Maxine's shock confession and Mercedes poisons Donna-Marie

Sid faces his fears and Cher makes a deadly mistake.

hollyoaks maxine minniver
Published: Tuesday, 17th August 2021 at 8:00 am

It could be all over for Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) and Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) when she wakes up in bed with his business partner Fergus Collins (Robert Beck). Will she confess her infidelity?


Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) is blackmailed over her fling with Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner), Cher McQueen (Bethannie Hare) makes a deadly mistake and Sid Sumner (Billy Price) confronts his biggest fear.

Here are all your Hollyoaks spoilers for 23rd– 27th August 2021.

Maxine's dirty secret

hollyoaks maxine minniver warren fox

The morning after the naughty night before leaves Maxine utterly mortified as she wakes up next to a naked Fergus. Her memory is hazy thanks to the copious amounts of booze they both necked and she's desperate to know what happened - smug Fergus fills her in, and it seems they weren't up all night playing Monopoly.

Max is desperate to come clean to Warren about her betrayal but Fergus urges her to keep quiet, not wanting to risk his romance with Trish Minniver (Denise Welch), for whom he has a surprise proposition. Crossed wires and misunderstandings ensue when Maxine makes a decision, leading to Warren think his girlfriend is having it away with Sami Maalik (Rishi Nair). Foxy flips and threatens Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi), forcing Fergus to sack him and leaving Maxine even more remorseful. But Fergus is the one pulling the strings, as usual…

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Sid faces his fears

hollyoaks sid sumner peri lomax

Sid is still adjusting to living with his prosthetic, to the point where he's pretending he doesn't even have one when he goes on a date with a girl called Demi. Embarrassed when it starts bleeding and he can't cope with the pain, he scarpers before she even turns up.

Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw) reschedules on his behalf, but Sid flies off the handle when she tells Demi the truth without checking with him. Finally facing his demons, Sid revisits the scene of the accident and with the support of his pals begins to accept his situation. Props to Hollyoaks for sticking with Sid's amputation journey and exploring its impact several months down the line - and keep an eye out for a special guest from the Paralympics that gives the tortured teen a boost…

Mercedes' blackmail hell

hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen

The McQueen marriage is under pressure and Sylver McQueen (David Tag) needs urgent funds for his fertility treatment if him and Mercedes are going to live their baby dream. Cher offers her life savings but he's too proud to take a handout from his daughte,r and instead does a secret deal with Fergus that he's sure to regret…

Meanwhile, Cher tells Romeo she's still got her stash of cash which she's earmarked for their future, making him feel even more guilty for sleeping with her stepmum. As he pleads with Mercedes they tell the truth about their one-night stand, devious Donna-Marie Quinn (Lucy-Jo Hudson) is sneakily recording the incriminating conversation. As she demands hush money from Mercy, the landlady refuses to be blackmailed and plots to spike Donna-Marie's drink - then things take a dramatic turn…

Cher kills again?

hollyoaks cher winters

Whether or not his hook-up with Mercedes becomes public knowledge, remorseful Romeo tells Cher there's no point saving for their future as they probably don't have one, because he doesn't love her. Cher retaliates by revealing a secret about Donna-Marie, further souring relations between mother and son.

Lost and lonely after being rejected yet again, Cher seeks advice from her online pal 'Jade', who inspires her to do something very wrong that has massive consequences. The week ends with Cher making a terrible mistake and putting someone's life in danger - has she caused another death?

Elsewhere on Hollyoaks

hollyoaks trish minniver
  • Trish is forced to eat her words after the video of Leah Barnes (Ela-May Demirican) goes viral and brings her dance school the level of publicity she's been dreaming of. As the teen shoots to the top of the class, Trish demands her star pupil capitalise on her big moment by forcing her into endless photo shoots and press coverage. The poor girl's ankle is still hurting after her injury, so can Leah distract her teacher long enough for her to recover? If we know Trish she'll have her on that stage with her leg in plaster covered in glitter if she has to.
  • It looks like it could be last orders at the Hutch after the business becomes the victim of a financial scam. Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher) blames herself but Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) remains optimistic they can still save the beloved brasserie, but then her OCD rears its head when she hears a local drinks supplier may have caused a poisoning at the Dog and she pours all the alcohol away. Putting them even more in debt…
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