The epic 'Who Shot Mercedes McQueen?' whodunnit is revisited in Hollyoaks this coming week as it appears someone is onto the perpetrators - but is everything as it seems? Elsewhere, the village is in mourning for a beloved lost resident, and passions are rising behind closed doors. Here’s your guide to the drama ahead in our rundown of Hollyoaks spoilers for 24-28 February 2020.


Jesse laid to rest

hollyoaks courtney

Jesse Donovan's sudden death was a genuine knife to the heart, so have the balsams handy for the much-missed stylist's funeral which features an emotional eulogy from widow Courtney (a chance to see the brilliant Amy Conachan shine is always welcome, despite the sad circumstances for the character). The new Mrs Donovan should've been on her honeymoon, instead she's addressing the congregation of mourners and blaming herself for her husband's senseless passing - meanwhile, the people who really have blood on their hands are shifting uncomfortably in their pews…


hollyoaks james and grace

Grace Black and James Nightingale will no doubt be miming their way through the hymns and trying not to make eye contact with Courtney as they swallow their guilt at their part in Jesse's death: it was him overhearing them admit to shooting Mercedes that drove him to the booze binge that took his life. James is wobbling more than the Clifton Suspension Bridge during Storm Dennis so it's up to Grace to stop his meltdown before he blabs: "It was US!" while everyone tucks into the grief buffet at the wake. The duo then receive anonymous notes saying 'I know you shot Mercedes', and suspicion turns to Mercy's protective brother, and James's on/off lover, John Paul McQueen being behind them. That's going to make the fellas' romantic reunion a little awkward.

Juliet turns drug dealer

hollyoaks jordan sid juliet

Over in county lines corner, evil Jordan Price insinuates himself into the community like creepy tentacles squeezing the innocence from local youngsters. Sid Sumner and Juliet Nightingale (yes, she's officially not a Quinn any longer, much to Marnie Nightingale's delight) agree to stash drugs in their lockers, only for dreamy PC Kiss to launch a full sweep of the school. Juliet thinks she's impressed Mr Price, not realising she's exposed her vulnerability, as she is officially recruited as a dealer. Sid is worried, and so are we.

A bit of how's your father-in-law

hollyoaks diane hutchinson edward hutchinson

That Machiavellian smile is wiped from Edward Hutchinson's face when son Tony Hutchinson appears to be making progress with his therapy for PTSD (post-pig-farm traumatic stress disorder), scuppering his plan to lure Diane Hutchinson away from his offspring. Entering this father/son love triangle is unsuspecting Marnie, in thrall to the sophisticated cello-playing surgeon but oblivious she is but a pawn in his power game to make the object of his desire jealous. Tony and Di plan a date night, so expect Edward to hide in the cupboard making spooky noises and putting his best Breda McQueen voice on: "I'm coming to get you, Tony, God will punish the sinners!"

More like this

Confessions of a barista

hollyoaks romeo nightingale

Elsewhere, Romeo Nightingale (yes, he's also become a proper part of Hollyoaks' snobbiest family - congratulations, lad!) continues his fling with married ice maiden Celeste Faroe. The ripped teen better watch himself, as Celeste's husband Toby Faroe is a man with serious anger issues - we get the feeling he'd smash up the window display if Price Slice ran out of beard oil. Tom Cunningham figures out his friend has bagged himself a cougar (what exactly did he think he was doing when he saw him shimmying out a second floor window half naked the other day?), so how long before this fun fling becomes public knowledge? Pray for Romeo and his pretty face.


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