Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 19 September 2014

22-28 September: Dodger takes matters into his own hands when Patrick gets a little too close for comfort, while Nico is suspicious that Patrick has done something to Sienna

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Monday 22 September


Is Nico about to rumble Patrick’s big secret?  Meanwhile, Dodger takes matters into his own hands when Patrick gets too close for comfort. Myra is a shoulder to cry on for Holly and Dirk but her good intentions end up having heartbreaking consequences.  Tom makes a shocking discovery.

Tuesday 23 September

Holly is left to pick up the pieces after Myra’s betrayal. Desperate Patrick turns to Maxine – but will she agree to help him? A discovery by Kathleen-Angel rings alarm bells for the McQueen family, while Nico’s school prank puts Sienna in danger.

Wednesday 24 September

Maxine realises she’s made a terrible mistake and makes the brave decision to put things right. Carmel decides to do things her way and is left reeling by what she finds. Dirk and Holly visit Cindy but find they’re making things worse. Someone returns to the village – and ends up causing quite a stir.

Thursday 25 September

The McQueens’ plan for revenge has dramatic and dangerous consequences.  Sinead pleads with Ste to get help – but has she left it too late?  Elsewhere, Darren launches a vendetta against the O’Connor family and finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Will Nana’s confession to John Paul change everything?

Friday 26 September


Carmel is horrified by what her family has done, while Finn gets a shock when someone close to him comes to visit. John Paul makes a decision that could jeopardise his future. Will temptation get the better of Darren?