Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 17 May 2013

20-24 May: Sandy Roscoe and her clan arrive, while Robbie's bid to rob Price Slice gets out of hand when one resident gets shot

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Monday 20 May


Forced to take drastic measures, could Callum’s worst nightmare be unfolding in front of his eyes? Is love on the rocks for Carmel? Sienna plants a seed of suspicion in Nancy’s mind, whilst Darren helps Tony prepare for his potentially life-saving operation.

Tuesday 21 May

Desperate to save the innocent, Callum’s actions prove devastatingly costly. Will the boys get more than they bargained for? Elsewhere, will Diane catch Tony red-handed? A turn of events leaves Nancy distraught, whilst Carmel is surprised by Jim’s generosity.

Wednesday 22 May

As Finn flees the scene, has he unwittingly placed his sister in severe danger? Will Robbie be forced to confess? Meanwhile, a heartbroken Martha makes a weighty promise, and Darren secretly confides in an acquaintance close to his wife’s heart about his part in the robbery.

Thursday 23 May

As an old friend rushes to Sinead’s aid, will her efforts be in vain?  Martha’s actions leave the Kanes destroyed, but does George have the solution? Elsewhere, the walls close in on Robbie, Darren and Nancy attempt to reconcile, and the remaining Roscoes descend on Hollyoaks.

Friday 24 May


When faced with an inconsolable Diane, will Tony go through with his operation?  How will Dodger react when faced with Texas’ accused murderer? As shocking news is delivered, Sandy’s dinner party comes to an abrupt end, and Ste has a cunning idea.