Eurovision is fast approaching, and the Hollyoaks gang are excited about the international event being held so close to home.


Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw) is especially frustrated as she's stuck indoors while her friends are throwing a party inspired by the music contest. Her girlfriend Peri (Ruby O'Donnell) comes up with a plan for her to join in the fun, but will it work?

Meanwhile, Vicky Grant (Anya Lawrence) is considering quitting school after having fallen too far behind, and James (Gregory Finnegan) is about to be caught out over his deal with incel Eric Foster (Angus Castle-Doughty). Elsewhere, three Hollyoaks women plan a bank robbery – but two of them land in jail.

Read on for all your Hollyoaks spoilers from Monday 1st - Friday 5th May 2023.

8 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Juliet ends up in hospital

Hollyoaks Juliet played by Niamh Blackshaw
Juliet is hospitalised in new scenes of Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Juliet is getting fed up of self-isolating to protect her health following her cancer diagnosis. As Rayne (Jemma Donovan), Romeo (Owen Warner) and the rest of the 20-somethings organise a Eurovision party, Peri has an idea about how her girlfriend can join in without putting herself at risk.

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However, things take a turn when Juliet ends up in hospital.

Peri makes a scene

Peri makes a scene in Hollyoaks.
Peri makes a scene in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures

Overwhelmed with guilt, Peri feels responsible for Juliet catching neuro-virus. She is set on quitting her job as a nurse, but causes a scene at the hospital when her boss refuses to accept her resignation.

Lacey confronts James about representing Eric

Annabelle Davis as Lacey Lloyd in Hollyoaks.
Lacey begs James to tell the truth, but he won't listen. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

James is lying about having taken Eric's case and is still manipulating Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) to go visit the incel in prison.

Blackmailed by the inmate, James is relieved to hear Maxine has agreed to go see him in jail. When the solicitor makes a phone call to arrange the visit, paralegal Lacey Lloyd (Annabelle Davis) overhears the conversation.

She confronts him about his deception, with James finally admitting he's being threatened by Eric. Determined to do the right thing, Lacey tells James she'll spill the beans to Maxine if he fails to come clean, but her boss unexpectedly gives her an ultimatum: keep quiet or lose her job. Will Lacey keep her mouth shut?

Mason and Maxine help each other

Nikki Sanderson as Maxine Minniver in Hollyoaks.
Maxine is getting ready to confront Eric in prison. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Mason Chen-Williams (Frank Kauer) is disheartened when he's accused of still being involved in incel forums. His sister Maxine encourages him to give a talk at school about the dangers of radicalisation and how to be vigilant and spot signs of grooming before it's too late.

Later on, Mason intends to return the favour. Worried about Maxine going to see Eric in prison, the teen wants to make sure she's ready and offers her to pretend to be Eric to prepare her for the confrontation. After being initially triggered, Maxine thanks her little brother for prepping her.

Cindy wants to rob a bank

The ladies are both arrested.
The ladies are both arrested. Lime Pictures

Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) continues in her desperate plan to raise funds to save the market.

After trying to obtain a loan from bank manager Alex, Cindy is inspired by none other than Robin Hood to plan the heist of the century: robbing a bank with the help of her besties Zara Morgan (Kelly Condron) and Grace Black (Tamara Wall).

When Grace initially refuses, Cindy calls her a phony, prompting the Loft owner to prove to her friends that she can still be bad. With Zara on lookout, Grace breaks into the Love Boats safe while the place is open. However, a close encounter with PC Sam (Matthew McGivern) leads to the two women being arrested.

Despite this, Cindy insists on going ahead with her plan. Will she do it alone?

Vicky plans on quitting school

Anya Lawrence as Vicky Grant in Hollyoaks.
Vicky tells Scott she intends to drop out of school. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Following her return, Vicky is discouraged when she falls behind with her school work.

After her laptop gets stolen, a desperate Vicky leans on DeMarcus (Tomi Ade). Later on, she breaks the news she intends to quit school to her former foster dad Scott (Ross Adams), who isn't thrilled to hear what she's been cooking.

Having already signed up to volunteer at Eurovision, Scott takes Vicky with him, but finds out she can't help out as she's underage. When fellow volunteer Angelina offers to walk the teen to the station, she tells Vicky about her life in Ukraine, making her realise dropping out of school may not be what she needs.

Charlie and Shing Lin get close

Charlie Behan as Charlie Dean in Hollyoaks.
Charlie needs help with his school tests. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

It looks as though Vicky isn't the only one not doing well in school. Her schoolmate Charlie (Charlie Behan) freaks out when the class must take a surprise practice maths test. Wanting to look cool in front of his pals, the teen doesn't ask for help but instead makes a point of not answering any questions, earning a detention.

When Charlie panics at the prospect of another test coming up, Shing Lin (Izzie Yip) offers to tutor him, but there isn't enough time. Shing Lin then suggests to steal the test paper from a teacher's cabinet.

With yet another exam to prepare for, Charlie finally accepts Shing Lin's tutoring as there aren't any papers to steal this time. The two teens spend time together, and will it blossom into something more?

Sienna asks for her job back

hollyoaks sienna blake
Sienna is confused when Leela doesn't seem thrilled about giving her her old job back. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Wanting to give her children everything she was denied as a kid, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) is in need of some cash and asks Ste (Kieron Richardson) for her hold job back.

Ste's sister Leela (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) seems resistant about the idea. Back at home, she tells Ste that reinstating her friend may not be such a good idea with the cost of living crisis affecting his business too. What will he do?

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