Fan favourite couple Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) and Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) face a huge test following Mitchell's shock arrest for attacking his father Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood).


Hollyoaks viewers know it was Mitchell's troubled brother Toby Faroe who left their feckless father for dead after it was revealed he sold him and sister Celeste Faroe at birth and did a runner with the cash.

But the sinister siblings have framed their long-lost triplet for the crime, and Dr Deveraux must convince not only the cops of his innocence, but lover Scott, who begins to wonder whether his fella is guilty after all. spoke exclusively to Imran Adams about the latest shock development among the dysfunctional Deveraux dynasty…

What is going through Mitchell's mind when he's arrested while on a shift in hospital?
He has been in trouble with the police before over the incident with Azim, so it makes the situation more severe. There could be repercussions for his career, it could affect how his family see him, and Scott, the love of his life, could also think the worst if the evidence goes against him. Mitchell could literally lose everything.

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Does he have any idea Toby and Celeste have closed ranks and set him up?
He is none the wiser. This is what makes Mitchell so lovable, he is really innocent and tries to see the best in people. He's lived a sheltered life and not really seen unrighteous behaviour or evil in the world - until he came to Hollyoaks! I would say he's too trusting at times. If he was to find out this was a big master plan it would be heartbreaking as Mitchell genuinely wants a relationship with his siblings.

Do you think Mitchell is capable of being as violent as Toby?
Mitchell has a temper but even at his worst he can control himself. He pushed Scott before and burnt his Anita wig, but I don't think he could ever have attacked Felix. At that point he may have wanted Felix out of the picture as his decisions and lifestyle choices are not something that makes him fit into Mitchell's life, but there is a connection and love for his dad and choosing blood and pain is not the way he'd go about things.

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Scott starts to wonder if Mitchell did it, how does that make him feel?
Scott's heart tells him this is something Mitchell could never have done, but there is evidence there. If Scott were to use reason and logic, which is hard in matters of the heart, then it could well be the end of 'Stitchell' and that would be a shame as they both love each other. Let's hope it doesn't have that big an impact - I'd be sad, I love them together!

Could Toby and Celeste drag Mitchell over to the dark side?
Right now the only thing keeping Mitchell's feet on the ground and on he right path is his love for Scott - but if Scott were leave the equation as a restful of this accusation, I feel like Mitchell may side with his closest family members which are Toby and Celeste. He really needs Scott to keep him on the right path! Toby and Celeste have a reason to act they way they do, it makes it hard to hate them but it does make them perfect villains. You can understand why they've turned out this way.

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What else can you tease about the future for the Deveraux family after the arrest?
It's a difficult situation. All the characters have a valid point as to where they're coming from. Mitchell is seen as the golden boy in Toby and Celeste's eyes, but they have to understand he hasn't had the perfect life: he was only kept by Martine and Felix because they thought he would die. It's about communication and dialogue, as soon as the triplets come together and forgive each other for what they think the other has done, they can be a strong unit. It's a shame Toby and Celeste are choosing to be so malicious and evil. But it does mean more drama of the audience so I can't really complain!


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