There's a new McQueen coming to Hollyoaks, and according to James Sutton - aka sensible John Paul McQueen - his long-lost relative is set to shake up the soap's most famous family and potentially clash with mouthy Mercedes!


Fans will soon meet aspiring beautician Cher, played by newcomer Bethany Hare, who turns up at Mercedes and Sylver's wedding vow renewal in the coming weeks and announces she is the muscly McQueen's long-lost daughter, who had no idea even existed.

While Sylver scratches his head to work out how this can be possible, seeing as he spent most of his adult life behind bars false accused of killing his violent stepdad, Sutton gives us a few hints about the sassy new face.

"She's fitted in really well," the actor told "Cher is from a similar background to the rest of the clan, she's gobby, confident, outgoing, and even dresses like a McQueen!

"I would say there is a bit of a young Mercedes about her, which is nice." Seeing as Cher is technically Mercy's stepdaughter, expect sparks to fly…

Off-screen, Sutton, who has been a McQueen one and off since they were in introduced in 2006, is full of praise for his newest co-star. "Bethany is such a sweetheart and a great addition to the cast. I think this is her first big high-profile acting job, she has a lovely energy about her and is eager and enthusiastic.

Hollyoaks – Cher McQueen (Bethany Hare)
Channel 4

"She was filming for about a month or so and was having a ball before lockdown and we had to suspend filming. I'm sure she can't wait to get back to work too, like the rest of us!"

Cher is described as the life and soul of the party, and Hare says: "She definitely has an attitude and is so big on family. She'll always be there for someone. I'm so excited to be joining the McQueens, everyone has been so nice and put me at ease."

The question still remains how Sylver fathered a child from a prison which is where he was from his late teens - although Cher could well have been conceived before he got banged up, which was circa 2000 according to the character's backstory.

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