Hollyoaks autumn 2019 trailer: first look at Tony’s dad, Ste’s arrest and stunt week

Plus blackmail, dead bodies and Breda's next move…

hollyoaks autumn trailer

Hollyoaks has released an action-packed new trailer giving fans a first look at what’s in store for autumn 2019.


As ever with the soap’s seasonal teases, there’s a whole lot of information to process – so let’s jump straight in with the juiciest moments…

Stunt week 2019

hollyoaks trailer

Cindy’s planning to convert the florist into a new business and gets the builders in, but disaster strikes when a crane collapses and causes chaos in the village – not just above ground but in secret tunnels below where it appears Nancy, Darren, Charlie and Ella are trapped. Who will survive the 2019 stunt?

Ste wants out

hollyoaks ste

The far right storyline reaches a dramatic peak as Ste starts to question Jonny and Stuart’s ideology when he uncovers a sinister plan targeting Sinead and Sami’s engagement party. Counter-terrorism police storm the village and arrest Ste – will he betray the extremists who groomed him? And will the group carry out an attack?

Daddy’s home

hollyoaks edward

We get a first glimpse of Joe McGann in action as Tony’s long-lost dad, Edward. Tone is still being held captive at the pig farm by serial killer Breda, but her lie that he’s absconded with a secret lover is starting to wear thin with the Hutchinsons who file a missing persons’ report. Will Edward help Diane look for his son?

Tony escapes Breda’s clutches

hollyoaks trailer

Talking of Tony, he screams for help when Goldie rocks up at the pig farm, and the hostage is seen out in the open – but has he really got away from barmy Breda?

Maxine’s Munchausen’s exposed

hollyoaks trailer

As he faces fraud charges, Damon finally discovers wife Maxine has been faking her ‘terminal illness’ and is in the grip of Munchausen’s syndrome, but will he be sympathetic to her psychological breakdown that has seen her fabricate symptoms for sympathy? And will Damon end up going to prison?

Mitchell loves Scott/Anita

hollyoaks trailer

The forbidden romance between in-the-closet Mitchell and Scott’s drag persona Anita hots up, and the pair look set to be caught in the crossfire during stunt week. Will Cleo discover her boyfriend’s sexuality struggle?

Mercedes is blackmailed

hollyoaks trailer

When Harry’s body is found Mercy and Liam think their problems are over, but Joel is in possession of the phone recording of Mrs McQueen admitting to the hit and run – and threatening to kill Harry! Could the landlady swap being behind the bar to being behind bars?!

Brooke and Ollie’s baby decision

hollyoaks trailer

Pregnant teenager Brooke is overwhelmed at the thought of being a mum. Is she going to regret her decision to keep the baby? Are her and Ollie on the same page about potential parenthood?

I am your father!

hollyoaks trailer

The truth is out about Luke, not Darren, being DJ’s real father, causing recovering alcoholic Mr Morgan to hit the bottle after a prolonged period of sobriety. What does this mean for Mandy and the men in her life?


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