Hollyoaks has killed off Harry Thompson in a sensational twist that saw him become the latest victim of serial killer Breda McQueen in Monday 22nd July’s E4 episode.


Fans will be in mourning for the popular character, played by Parry Glasspool since 2013, as his exit was shrouded in secrecy and kept as a surprise until transmission, with bad dad murderer Breda putting the audience off the scent by initially going after Harry’s father Tony Hutchinson before changing her mind at the last minute.

Harry was in Breda’s bad books for abandoning newborn son Isaac to avoid being jailed for the hit and run that paralysed Grace Black. But upon discovering Mercedes was driving, the tenacious Thompson sneakily recorded her confession and was about to inform the police and baby mama Sadie that he was sticking around when the gruesome granny stabbed him to death…

hollyoaks breda mcqueen kills harry thompson

With the village believing Harry was going on the run, no one will be alerted to his absence, and it’s not clear when the death will be discovered.

RadioTimes.com spoke to Glasspool about the departure set to devastate Starry and Jarry fans…

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Were you surprised Harry’s was in Breda’s sights?
She got a bit ahead of herself, he’d only been a dad for a few days! But she thought he was running away from his responsibilities, and although Harry was about to do the right thing, Breda didn’t know that. It was a misunderstanding, one that ended up with him being stabbed!

Do you think Harry would’ve made a good father?
Yes, I think he was ready for it. He was going to change right at the last minute and you could see he wanted to be a part of his son’s life. And him and Tony’s relationship could’ve been fixed having fallen out just before the murder, they were setting it up. Harry nearly had another chance…

Who was he more suited to – Ste or James?
You can’t ask me that! I’d question if he was right or really ready to be with either of them, both were in different phases of their lives to him. You have to remember Harry came straight out of the closet and into this massive love affair with Ste, who had his own demons and didn’t need that extra responsibility. James and Harry were going well towards the end, and could’ve survived if it hadn’t been for all the drama. At different points Harry probably belonged with both of them.

hollyoaks ste hay harry thompson

What impact will Harry’s death have on the show?
Well, we don’t know when anyone will realise he’s dead yet… I’d like to think Tony and the Hutchinsons will miss him, but not miss clearing up his mess! They’ve already had a hard year, though, what with losing Lily. I’m glad Harry morally redeemed himself by the end, even though he didn’t get the chance he was going to be a dad and tell the police about Mercedes – he’s the boy who cried wolf and told a lot of lies to get himself out of bad situations.

Who have you learnt the most from working with in the cast?
It’s the obvious answer but the big three, as I call them: Nick Pickard (Tony), Greg Finnegan (James) and Kieron Richardson (Ste). They are the people I worked with the most and am the closest to, and each has their own unique tricks and ways of doing stuff.

hollyoaks harry thompson tony hutchinson

What are your highlights from playing Harry?
Storm week from 2018 was a huge challenge because they were big emotional scenes with Harry, Ste and James and Tegan dying, but you’ve got wind and rain thrown at you for hours on top of that. It definitely helps with the intensity of the material, but it takes a lot out of you. It was also good to be part of the Cleo and Pete abuse story a few years back, and I’ve enjoyed the recent stuff with James and Harry’s relationship.

What kind of role would you like to do next?
Something lighthearted, I love stuff like Derry Girls and The Inbetweeners and watch American shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If there’s a superhero film that needs a five foot eight young-looking actor that would be great! I think I’d make a good Robin in a Batman movie…

Finally, what legacy will Harry leave with his army of fans?
I’d like to think I’ve helped fight the cause a little for the LGBTQ community. People have said Harry’s coming out story had a positive impact and helped them in real life. I hope it did!


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