Alfie Nightingale confronts his killer dad Mac and leaves Hollyoaks

Alfie bid bye-bye to Hollyoaks Village tonight but not before confronting his killer dad Mac...

Hollyoaks, Alfie Nightingale, Mac Nightingale

Alfie Nightingale (played by Richard Linnell) had some powerful parting words for his killer dad Mac (David Easter) in tonight’s episode of Hollyoaks on E4.


Alfie found out that Mac tampered with his mum Cindy Cunningham’s (Stephanie Waring) bi-polar medication and was disgusted with his dad. But the clock was ticking and Alfie risked being late for his flight to America, to begin his internship in Washington.

The teenager almost changed his mind about leaving, and viewed to stick around in the village and look after her, But Cindy insisted he go and follow his dreams.

But Alfie couldn’t leave until he’d confronted his hateful dad and given him a piece of his mind…

Alfie told his dad that he couldn’t understand how someone who has always shown him so much unconditional love could be capable of such evil acts, like killing his former fiancee Neeta Kaur, causing his son Nathan’s fatal fall from the upstairs window of The Dog, physically abusing his other son James and manipulating Cindy. He bid Mac good riddance. Mac begged on his knees for Alfie’s forgiveness, but to no avail.

Hollyoaks, Alfie Nightingale, Marnie Nightingale
Alfie bids his friends and family farewell. (Picture: Lime Pictures)

After saying goodbye to his friends and family in the village, Alfie was finally ready to leave for the airport. But not before his ex-girlfriend Yasmine Malik (Haiesha Mistry) showed Alfie the video that her and brother Imran made him. Emotions ran high as Alfie got in the taxi and waved goodbye to Hollyoaks.


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