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What's happening on Holby City tonight?- 18 February 2020

Your guide to Series 22 - Episode 7

Published: Tuesday, 18th February 2020 at 4:15 pm

Casualty’s sister show has been running weekly since 1999, airing on BBC One and proving a popular staple of British television. Also set in the fictional Holby hospital, drama is the order of the day for the doctors and patients who arrive on the ward.


Here’s what you can expect of the latest episode…

What’s happening on Holby City tonight?

There seems little hope of a reconciliation between Chloe and Cameron, but he's determined to win back her trust. Will a rogue and potentially rash decision impress her, or worsen things between them? Could Cam be the next Holby supervillain? The sinister music that plays every time he's on-screen seems to hint that it might may be the case.

Meanwhile a familiar face is set to return to Holby to perform surgery on Carole, as Dominic finds a new source of moral support while he waits for the outcome of the operation.

What time is Holby on tonight?

Series 22 - Episode 7 is on BBC One at 8pm on Tuesday 18th February 2020. It will also be available on iPlayer shortly after it airs.


Who’s in the cast?

A full cast list for Holby City can be found here.


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