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Finn Kelly moves in with the Kennedys in Neighbours... and makes a move on ex-fiancee Bea?

Neighbours star Ben Hall reveals what happens when Ned catches Bea and Finn together...

Neighbours, Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson, Finn Kelly
Published: Thursday, 25th April 2019 at 4:33 pm

After all the terrible things Finn Kelly (played by Rob Mills) has done in Neighbours, you'd think he'd be thrown in prison for a ker-zillion years.


However, on the Aussie soap on Tuesday 23 April, everyone in Erinsborough is shocked when former high school teacher Finn's court hearing comes to an end, and he is released without charge!

But there's an even bigger shock in store on Wednesday 24 April, when Finn unexpectedly moves into Number 28, Ramsay Street with his ex-fiancee Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson), her aunt Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and her hubby Karl (Alan Fletcher). What?!

Already furious over the court's decision, Bea's boyfriend Ned Willis (Ben Hall) is on the warpath and snaps when he walks into the Kennedy house and catches his girlfriend Bea getting all handsy with a freshly showered Finn, wearing a towel!

Neighbours star Ben Hall tells more about the scandalous goings-on in Ramsay Street...

How does Ned react to the decision in court?

"He’s stunned. The legal system in Erinsborough is quite lenient as we know, so he's probably not as shocked as viewers! Ned's floored but can see it coming because of the victim impact statements one by one saying Finn has changed and doesn’t realise what he's done because of his amnesia."

Does Ned blames Bea for switching sides during the hearing

Neighbours, Finn Kelly
There's a SHOCK verdict at Finn's court hearing. (Picture: Channel 5)

"He's more disappointed than angry. He's so protective of her. His mission and the reason they’re together was because Ned was trying to protect Bea during their night walks and helping her to get over Finn. So it feels like the last few months has been pointless, Finn is walking free and Ned can't do anything about it. They were drawn together originally because of this."

Is Ned doubting the future of their relationship?

"No, I think there is doubt she still has feelings for Finn, almost a bit of Stockholm Syndrome. Is she thinking straight? Ned says it to Bea and she denies it completely. He plants that seed in her mind."

What happens when Ned walks in and catches Bea and Finn?

Neighbours, Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis, Finn Kelly
Back-off! Ned threatens Finn. (Picture: Channel 5)

"Ned is 19. His mind is humorously innocent about things. At the moment! Bea hasn’t been answering his calls, Ned sees Bea help Finn tuck the towel back in as he's still injured from the hit and run outside the hospital. Ned walks in at the moment as Bea helps him gather his towel. He completely loses it, as you would."

Ned accuses Finn of deliberately trying to tempt Bea?

"Totally, he doesn’t trust Finn at all and is expecting the absolute worse. He doesn’t believe he’s this innocent young man."

Ned is still protecting Bea. Does he think she’s being brainwashed again?

"Manipulated over and over but she can’t see it."

Does anyone else listen to Ned? Is everyone Team Finn??

"I know! Gary is still in the ‘I hate Finn’ club, possibly Sheila who gets turned. Ned and Gary are not on the Finn train. No one is listening to them. What a turnaround!"

Ramsay Street comes under attack from razorblades in apricots! What's going on?

"Before that is the incident with the car that tries to run down Susan and Imogen before Finn's hearing (on Tuesday 16 April). They don’t know who did it, possibly Finn’s mum Claudia or someone else. I wish policeman Mark would do his job and solve a crime! That’ll be the day! Then there’s the razorblades in the apricots. Who does that?! In Australia we had needles found in strawberries in the news, which is where the idea came from. Someone sabotages Karl’s fruit. Ned presumes it’s Finn."

Does he accuse him?

"Yes. He’s telling everyone there is no other option, he’s the only criminal on the street let’s lock him up and it will stop, but it continues happening."

Is Ned worried about looking paranoid?

"He starts to really doubt himself, he’s losing his mind running around screaming and no one takes him seriously. There's a period where Ned is a bit off the rails and people start turning against him and he feels quite isolated."

Can Ned and Bea survive?

"Their relationship has always been so up and down and back and forth, it's never been easy. In that sense they have a lot of strength and pull it back from the brink quite often. With what's coming up there's some crazy stuff he gets involved in and it will really push her away, it gets very tough. But I think they can come back from it..."

How far is he prepared to go to get rid of Finn for protective reasons?

"Ned's done it before, way back with Jaca and all those storylines protecting his family he’s taken things too far. People tend to repeat patterns is all I’ll say. Ned could definitely do something stupid if he’s not careful..."


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