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Kim Tate frames Cain Dingle for killing Noah in Emmerdale?

The feud gets deadly serious…

Published: Thursday, 21st March 2019 at 12:59 pm

Emmerdale's Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) realised just how dangerous it is to cross Kim Tate (Claire King) after she made him think she'd murdered young Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) then framed him for the supposed crime!


Since her release from prison last week conniving Kim has been making enemies of the locals as she attempts a Tate takeover of the village. Angry when Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) refused to sell her Butler's farm and humiliated after Cain knocked back her romantic advances, on Wednesday 20 March the duplicitous diva put her latest plan into action.

Stealing Noah's phone when he came to Home Farm to hang out with Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough), cruel Kim sent a fake text to Cain from the teenager's handset pretending to be him and lied he was being chased by someone in the woods and feared for his life.


Fearing Kim had put a hit out on Noah just as she had done on fellow step grandson Joe (Ned Porteous), Cain dashed to the woods and found a shovel lying on the ground. Calling Noah's mobile, the brooding mechanic was horrified to hear a ring from beneath the soil... as he frantically dug into the earth he found Noah's phone concealed in a bag buried in a shallow grave - was the lad's dead body also there?

Just then the cops showed up with suspiciously good timing to find Cain holding a shovel and looking decidedly shifty. Earlier, viewers had seen Noah safe and well at Home Farm innocently looking for his 'missing' mobile phone, with granny Kim offering to look for it as she privately smirked at her sick scheming - did she tip off the police to make them catch Cain appearing to move a dead body, which they'll no doubt assume to be Joe's?

Will Kim tell Cain that Joe is still alive ?

For the moment this all appears to be a wind up to make Cain sweat (unless Kim worked super quick to bury a teenage corpse in broad daylight), but we wouldn't put it past Kim to be planning something very nasty for Noah to get back at the Dingle clan. This could mean turning him against Cain, Charity, Moira and the gang and grooming him to take his place as heir to the Tate empire, or she just goes ahead and bumps him off.

Emmerdale, Cain Dingle, Kim Tate

Kim and Cain's feud is simmering nicely, and now the blonde bombshell has the added knowledge that her enemy did NOT kill Joe and Graham helped him escape the country - but for now she's letting Cain carry on thinking he accidentally murdered him during their showdown on his and Debbie's wedding day.

Next week, the police are circling Cain while Noah (still breathing, for now at least) is alarmed by something he overhears Kim and Graham discussing and shares his concerns with Cain and Moira. When Cain confronts Kim about it, another showdown leads to a new revelation from the Tate tyrant… What has she got up her sleeve now? And if she is planning to put Noah in danger, will henchman Graham's loyalties be torn as he forms a genuine bond with Joe's little brother?


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