Horror collapse for Rhona in Emmerdale – will she die?

The recovering vet is alone and terrified


It’s hardly the happiest of birthdays for Emmerdale vet Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) next week. Still recovering from her emergency hysterectomy and struggling with symptoms of early menopause, she fights with boyfriend Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan) and collapses in pain at Home Farm stables – will anyone save her?


“Rhona is in denial about the fact her recovery will take a bit longer longer and trying to do too much as usual,” Henry tells RadioTimes.com. “She’s heading for a fall, you can see it a mile off.”

Pete buys his other half some fluffy slippers and a dressing gown as a birthday gift, which emotional Rhona takes the wrong way thinking it’s the kind of thing more suited to an old lady! “She’s feeling delicate about her age and where she’s at so it hits a nerve and she bursts into tears when she opens the present,” continues Henry. “Rhona is embarrassed and not sure how to manage what she’s going through.


“Having had a hysterectomy it is likely she would go into immediate menopause and quickly start having mood swings, hot sweats, tiredness, irritability, all of that. It’s a real reflection of how menopause can be for some women, though not all – Rhona’s is a very extreme case. This is not everyone’s journey.”

In an attempt to make amends Pete then pops out for some sexy lingerie to make up for his earlier mistake, but that just sends Rhona spiralling into more over-sensitivity about the age gap and the reality of the physical and emotional changes she’s going through. “I think she’d be upset whatever he gets her because of where she’s at emotionally,” sighs Henry. “She really loses it and that’s when Pete gives her some home truths which makes Rhona realise she’s been a bit unfair.”


How does Rhona end up unconscious?

Smarting from her clash with Pete, Rhona throws herself into work when Kim Tate (Claire King) requests some urgent veterinary advice for an ill horse at Home Farm’s stables. Despite not strictly being ready for active duty, Rhona feels compelled to help and once she’s treated the animal Kim leaves her to it – only for the vet to be hit by pains in her stomach when she’s left alone…

“This intense, sharp pain starts and Rhona collapses,” divulges Henry. “She is terrified. She knows she’s overdone it and is worried something serious has happened. ”

Meanwhile, Pete is waiting back at home having arranged a romantic candlelit meal by way of apologising for his insensitivity. Will he realise his other half is unconscious on the other side of the village with her life on the line?


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