Liv Dingle (Isobel Steele) was left furious and devastated with husband Vinny (Bradley Johnson) in tonight's Emmerdale (28th September), as she kicked him out of their home.


Vinny joined his mum Mandy (Lisa Riley) in plotting to expose Liv's scheming mother Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell). Viewers are all too aware that Sandra only returned to the village to con her daughter out of her money, with her latest plan being to sell Mill Cottage so she and accomplice Terry can jet off abroad on the cash.

Liv believes that she, Sandra and Vinny will all be moving away together, but Mandy enlisted the help of Jimmy King (Nick Miles) and Vinny to prove just how devious Sandra is. Mandy instructed Jimmy to show an interest in buying the Mill, and so he invited Sandra over for a chat. Sandra revealed that they wanted £500,000 for the house, and Jimmy feigned shock (as did we at her audacity; half a million?!).

Liv and Sandra sat on the sofa.
Sandra has been manipulating Liv. ITV

Hoping to reel Sandra in so that she could slip up in her plotting, Jimmy explained that the place had once been his family home with Nicola and their children, and that they would love to move back there.

Unfortunately, Jimmy messed up when he admitted that Nicola had been seriously injured at Mill Cottage some years ago, and Sandra questioned why on earth they would want to live there again. We can't help but think that Nicola herself would have been much better suited to carry off this ruse!

As Mandy and Vinny listened to the recording upstairs, Mandy was horrified as Sandra quickly realised she had been set up. She rushed to thwart them and gloated about how Liv might react to Vinny's involvement as she headed home.

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Sandra soon told Liv what had happened, and Liv vented her fury at Vinny as she asked how he could do that to her. Vinny pleaded with his wife to listen, but Liv became upset as she tearfully handed him a bag of his things and demanded that he leave.

Is Liv's marriage to Vinny over for good, or will Sandra's lies finally be revealed?

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