Following last week's crushing news for Marlon in court, here's your handy guide to all the storyline spoilers for next week's (3-7 February 2020) episodes of Emmerdale.


April on the run


The Dingles may have intended for April to remain ignorant of Marlon’s plight behind bars. But the youngster is set to run way after overhearing gossip about how much her dad is struggling. Over at the prison, meanwhile, Marlon lashes out a guard after learning of April’s disappearance and ends up being told by Cain that he needs to toughen up if he’s going to survive life in prison. Now, I’m wondering whether Marlon will take Cain’s words on board and emerge in six months’ time with a shaved head, biceps like bowling balls and a spider tattoo across his neck.

Sandy has died


It seems to be the week for giving former soap characters an off-screen death. Corrie’s Rita is to learn that her former husband Dennis Tanner has met his maker. And Laurel this Thursday on Emmerdale will receive word from Australia that Sandy Thomas has passed away.

Now, obviously, with actor Freddie Jones having himself died in July 2019, there was no way that Sandy would ever have been able to reappear, but a part of me still liked to think of the old rogue living it up Down Under. Though what his demise does give us is fresh drama for young Arthur, who believes that the news about his granddad is punishment for his bullying behaviour. After Laurel then finds him in floods of tears, Arthur reveals that he’s the one responsible for hurting little Archie. Expect a shell-shocked Laurel to start fretting about how she could have missed the signs and rueing the past decisions she’s made as a mother.

Pierce needs a job


There’s more skulking from Pierce, who tells his flat mate that he’ll have a job soon - and the next day, we’ll see him lurking outside Home Farm. Surely he’ll be a shoo-in? After all, now that Graham’s met his maker, Kim’s in need of a sinister new employee with a default glower. Now, speaking of Kim, she's still Rhona's prime suspect for Graham's murder - cue her sneaking into Home Farm to look for evidence. Expect matters to intensify when Al catches her in the act and Rhona starts lobbing about accusations. Later on, Al relays everything to Kim, who says that she'll handle it. But when Kim says she'll handle something, there's the tendency for her to go to extremes. Like ordering that someone be killed.

In other news...

Leyla and Liam brainstorm ways they can lift David's mood, but he's fretting that Theo could be taken away from him. Finally, an awkward Victoria lets Wendy see Harry, much to Wendy’s delight. Later when Luke arrives she tells him that she’s happy if he wants to apply for the newly advertised chef’s job at the pub. The next day Luke offers to look after Harry. Could this be the start of a thawing between Luke and Victoria?


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