Emmerdale spoilers: Cameron Murray kidnaps Sarah Sugden – first look pictures

A desperate Cam puts his plan into action after arriving back in the village

Little Sarah Sugden (Sophia Moore) is to be snatched by escaped killer Cameron Murray (Dominic Power).


The kidnapping, to be screened this Monday, will take place after Sarah sneaks off to find Andy. As rain lashes the village, Sarah sees a figure she assumes is her dad. But the young girl is shocked to see a dishevelled Cameron and tries to run.

He stops her, suggesting that they find Cameron together, but what Sarah doesn’t expect is to be taken to an empty barn. And after Cameron smilingly asks her to play a game that involves counting with her eyes closed, Sarah soon finds that she’s been left all alone. What’s more, the barn door has been locked.


Cameron, meanwhile, has discovered Zak’s gun and cartridges in the Dingles’ van – all of which means that the scene is set for Cam’s attack on the Woolpack regulars that is set to dominate the coming week’s episodes.