Emmerdale: see Paddy tell Aaron about his affair – watch the full scene

But will Aaron then reveal the truth to Rhona? Find out now!


Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) is to have his illusions shattered about father figure Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) next week when he confesses to having an affair.


Viewers know that love rat Paddy has been seeing teaching assistant Tess behind the back of wife Rhona. And the village vet will be forced to come clean to Aaron thanks to some confusion over a hidden mobile phone.

The confrontation comes after Rhona finds a phone that Paddy has stashed away so he can make clandestine calls to Tess.

When Paddy lies and says that the phone belongs to Aaron, it isn’t long before he’s demanding to know the reason for the deceit.

“Aaron doesn’t take the news very well at all,” says Dominic Brunt, who plays love cheat Paddy. “Aaron sees Paddy as a morally upstanding fatherly figure, who doesn’t really do things wrong. Paddy is Aaron’s moral compass so, by doing this, he’s lost a lot of respect.”

Watch the clip from Thursday’s episode below. Beneath that, you can watch a 60-second rundown of all the drama on next week’s episodes of Emmerdale.


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