Emmerdale’s Priya for unexpected new romance as Jai catches her red-handed

Priya and Al are caught in the act!

emmerdale priya

When it comes to the men she chooses to be in her life, Priya Sharma in Emmerdale doesn’t exactly have the best track record and she continues to prove that this week when she and Al give in to temptation.


Having already recently had an affair with her best friend’s fiancé, you think she would have learned her lesson by now, but when she and troublemaker Al Chapman find themselves in each other’s orbit – it doesn’t take long for the sparks to start flying.

Al himself has found himself in all kinds of hot water since arriving in the Dales; even agreeing to, but not going through with, murder on behalf of Kim Tate.

He and Priya find themselves having a heart-to-heart after both of their recent dramas and it’s much to Priya’s surprise that the conversation sees her looking at him in a new way.

She finds that she is actually beginning to warm to him after hearing him open up about his troubles with Ellis and it isn’t long before that starts to become something else.

The two soon begin to lean in for a kiss, only for them to be stopped in their tracks before anything can happen by a distraction.

Of course, that can’t be the end of it and sure enough, the very next day things escalate between the pair once again.

Priya for her part tries to resist when he attempts to kiss her, she is adamant that they both need to maintain a professional relationship, and nothing can happen between them.

That quickly goes out of the window when Al makes it clear he is less than enthusiastic about that plan.


The two find themselves getting heated extremely quickly, but they are soon stopped in their tracks.

Jai walks in and catches them both and he looks stunned by what he sees them doing.

How will they explain their way out of this one?

Effective yesterday, Emmerdale is one of a number of soaps that have ceased filming due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. Like others, it has reduced its episode count, in this case to three episodes a week, to ensure that there will still be new visits to the Dales until at least the early summer.

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