Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) endured another merciless ordeal thanks to evil sibling Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) in tonight's Emmerdale (12th April).


As the traumatised doctor prepared herself for her testimony at Meena's murder trial, partner Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) and his solicitor son Ethan (Emile John) offered some supportive words.

Manpreet tried to be strong, and as she took her place on the stand she described the attention-seeking sister she remembered growing up.

She went on to explain how she reconnected with Meena when she moved to the village in recent years, as well as the other woman's lack of empathy when she finally showed her true colours.

She struggled when asked to talk through Meena's actions during her kidnapping, and requested a break.

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Meena looks on in the courtroom

When she returned, Meena formed the shape of a heart with her hands as she stared Manpreet down, clearly hoping to add to her torment. But Manpreet bravely relayed Meena's confession with as much conviction as she could.

Later though, just as poor Liam experienced in last night's Emmerdale, Manpreet faced a brutal grilling from Meena's barrister (Amy Robbins). Armed with ammunition which all came from Meena, the defence twisted everything onto the victim once again.

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Manpreet was quizzed over everything; from the reliability of hearing Meena's confession in her drugged state, to her mistakes in past relationships as well as her huge debts. Manpreet was forced to admit to her own misdemeanours.

It was even suggested that Manpreet had accused her sister of murder as revenge for Meena sleeping with her first husband. Deemed an "unreliable witness" by the defence, it seems Manpreet's words may not hold any merit after all.

Meanwhile, Meena was so thrilled by what had happened that day that she was seen singing in her cell.

Her barrister advised her not to take the stand, but Meena insisted she must speak out, and confided in prison officer Ian (Dean Smith) that she couldn't wait for her big moment.

While Manpreet ruminated over the events of the day, Liam worried over nurse Wendy Posner's forthcoming appearance as a character witness for the killer.

With the stage set for Meena's own testimony, what's next in store as Manpreet and Liam hope to put an end to their horror once and for all?

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