There's a tense week in store for the villagers as evil Meena Jutla's (Paige Sandhu) trial finally arrives - and she's primed to put on an unforgettable performance while sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) and Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) continue to suffer at her hands.


Elsewhere, Marlon Dingle's (Mark Charnock) spirits are raised when he makes heartening progress in his recovery.

Rhona Goskirk (Zoë Henry) continues to struggle under the pressure of her new situation, while Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) strikes a deal as she makes a new career move.

Finally, Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) seems to be hiding something, which doesn't go unnoticed by Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson).

Here's what you can expect from Emmerdale during the week of 11th - 15th April 2022.

1. Meena Jutla murder trial gets underway

Liam is tested to the limit in court (C) ITV Plc

It's time for villainous Meena to face justice - or is it? As she takes her place in court, she killer adores being in the spotlight. But she soon morphs into a meek-mannered character in an effort to secure her freedom. Liam is thrown off-kilter by her behaviour, and even more so when the defence accuse him of having an affair with Meena!

As Liam snaps under pressure, Meena has managed to get prison guard Ian onside, and concocts a new scheme. But when she's advised not to take the stand, Meena ignores this and portrays herself as a victim. Her performance seems to convince the captivated jury, but will they really fall for her lies?

2. Meena Jutla targets sister Dr Manpreet Sharma

Meena enjoys tormenting Manpreet (C) ITV Plc

Of course, it was never just going to be poor Liam facing an ordeal in court, and it's Manpreet's testimony that could change everything for Meena. But part of Meena's theatrics involves humiliating her already traumatised sibling, and although Manpreet is determined to bring her down, she will have more than just the truth to contend with.

The defence digs into Manpreet's past, hoping to portray her as a liar. She is left furious as she surveys her ruthless sister revelling in the chaos of the situation. But will Manpreet be able to fend off any accusations and make the jury understand just how sick and twisted Meena is? Be prepared for maximum drama before the verdict is delivered...

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3. Exhausted Rhona Goskirk juggles her priorities

Rhona is exhausted (C) ITV Plc

While her mum Mary (Louise Jameson) tries to convince Rhona to take time out from supporting Marlon after his stroke, Rhona won't be swayed. She is now focused on bringing Marlon home as soon as possible, but as she shows no signs of slowing down, she runs the risk of burning herself out.

Rhona is later given a boost when April (Amelia Flanagan) throws her a birthday party, leaving her touched. But as she insists on taking on so much all at once, can anyone convince Rhona that she must take time for herself if she has any hope of being the rock that Marlon needs?

4. Marlon Dingle has a breakthrough after stroke

Emmerdale's Marlon Dingle in hospital (ITV)
Marlon makes fresh progress (C) ITV Plc

April finally shares another visit with her dad in upcoming scenes, as Marlon agrees to let her come back to the hospital. Despite Marlon's worries about his daughter seeing him so fragile, April takes it all in her stride and her frank humour proves to be just the tonic he needs.

When nurse Gail encourages Marlon to use words rather than noises to communicate, he manages to utter his first full sentence since the stroke. Paddy (Dominic Brunt) then comes up with a plan to put a smile on his pal's face. What does he have in mind? And will Marlon be able to return home soon?

5. Belle Dingle starts a new venture with Al Chapman

Belle and Al in Emmerdale
Al and Belle form an unlikely partnership (C) ITV Plc ITV

Ever since she decided she wanted more from life than working at the B&B, Belle has been excited by her new ambitions. But the sneaky nature of Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) posed a threat to her plans as he plotted to steal her ideas. As Belle begins meditation teacher training, Al offers her an apology.

She accepts his words and agrees to go into partnership with him - but under the condition of a few ground rules. Al remains impressed with Belle's attitude, but is he genuine about their business or is he still up to something?

6. What is Leyla Cavanagh's secret?

Wendy quizzes Leyla on her absence (C) ITV Plc

As Meena's trial draws to a close, there's one person not present as the residents await a verdict. Leyla's disappearing act stands out to her peers, given that she's been there for her husband Liam every step of the way while he fights for justice for daughter Leanna.

Leyla herself was also seriously injured after being shot by Meena and has previously been very vocal about wanting the murderer to face up to her crimes. So where is she at this most crucial time? Later, Wendy tackles Leyla over her whereabouts the day before. What secret is she hiding?

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