Fans of Emmerdale know Leyla Cavanagh (played by Roxy Shahidi) is hiding a secret - and they're desperate to know what it is.


It's been teased over the past week that she has some sort of link to Suzy (Martelle Edinborough), but it's all very cryptic at the moment.

With rumours and theories swirling around about the pair, we've dived into what we know for certain about how Leyla and Suzy know each other.

How do Leyla and Suzy know each other on Emmerdale?

During Thursday 21st April's double bill of Emmerdale, Leyla and Suzy had a bit of a run-in at the pub.

Suzy was on a date with Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) and Leyla sat down with the pair for a short catch-up.

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Vanessa didn't realise the pair knew each other, but Leyla was quick to assure her they had partial contact via their work.

However, a hushed conversation between the pair soon revealed there was more to their relationship than first thought, with Suzy promising to keep Leyla's secrets.

"This is my life - my actual, real life," Leyla told Suzy while warning her to stay away from the pub, and Vanessa.

What is Suzy hiding from Vanessa in Emmerdale?

What Leyla didn't realise, though, was Vanessa seemed quite keen to see Suzy again, insisting the trio can have more nights out together.

But what could the secrets be? Did Leyla and Suzy once date? Or do they have dodgy work dealings they need to cover? Either way, there's set to be an explosive reveal soon on Emmerdale.

Suzy actress, Edinborough, told press, as reported by, the pair are 'more than work colleagues'.

"The [viewers] will be very shocked. It's going to be very good and that's all I am going to say. There is more than them being work colleagues and I think that's what's going to shock viewers the most. It's very exciting stuff!"

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