Kim Tate (Claire King) swore revenge on Caleb Miligan (William Ash) in tonight's Emmerdale (8th June) after a huge showdown left him fleeing Home Farm.


Caleb was caught out earlier this week after trying and failing to clear Kim's bank accounts. She and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) teamed up to confront Caleb, who was left stunned when Kim recounted her husband Will Taylor's (Dean Andrews) suspicions, which led them to suss out what Caleb was up to.

First were the deliberate errors on the plans for the stud farm which Caleb and 'architect' Adrian didn't correct, plus hearing Caleb singing Neil Diamond's 'Forever in Blue Jeans' - a favourite track of Kim's which features every time she opens her laptop. Next there was "the guy from the planning office" - Seth Armstrong, who was actually an Emmerdale favourite who Kim coolly announced had been dead for nearly 20 years.

A series of flashbacks showed how Will was onto Caleb, as well as the moment that Kim filled Cain in on his half-brother's scam and how Cain later realised she was right. But little did Kim know, as she revelled in exposing Caleb, that a bigger shock was coming.

Caleb Miligan at Home Farm in Emmerdale
Caleb's time in the village is drawing to a close. ITV

"I am Frank Tate's son!" Caleb roared, and at first Kim didn't believe him. But after he revealed that a letter from late mum Faith (Sally Dexter) tipped him off about Frank, Caleb went on to tell Kim that her ex-husband, the late Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) had got drunk and spilled all her secrets to him - including the very last words Kim spoke to Frank as he lay dying!

Meanwhile, Caleb's son Nicky (Lewis Cope) confessed his motives for tricking Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), and the final piece of the puzzle fell into place for Kim and Cain when Gabby informed them of Nicky's true identity.

Sent away in disgrace, Caleb was laughed out of Home Farm by Kim and banished from the Dingles by Cain - not that he was giving up any time soon. Nicky hoped to forge a new life with on/off boyfriend Ally (Josh Horrocks), but Gabby had already told Ally about Nicky's scheming, leading Ally to dump him for good.

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As Cain left Moira shocked with the truth about Caleb's role in ruining the farm, Gabby sobbed over her heartbreak, and Kim promised her that Caleb and Nicky would get what was coming to them. What is Kim planning?

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